DIY light from HLG

So I have finished, for now, my main light for my grow tent/room. 500 watts at the light/s and around 650 at the wall. My grow space is 3×4, soon to be upgraded to 4×4.

3 quantum boards (hlg 288 rspec) and 2 hlg sabers. Total cost was under 600$ including the power supplies (meanwell 320 1750 and 320 2100) and wire.

I may add to this in the future, which is why I built it myself. I wanted adaptability and to run the powers supplies out side my grow, since that’s where the majority of the heat is produced.


@rye Really awesome, I love seeing LED builds and I can’t wait to see some girls underneath :blush: Any ideas on strains you’re throwing underneath? :smiley:



Finishing up the lemon haze autos now. Maybe 10 days left.

I am seriously considering the lemon haze again but running different soils/mediums just to experiment, I am wanting to try living soil, veganic and a hybrid soil/hydro method. I was thinking that keeping with the same strain will help me to compare the results.

Now having said that in also really like growing different strains. Maybe I should just build another grow room. Hmmmm


@Rye I’ve been thinking about piecing together and hlg build myself. I really want to use American made led tech but it’s all so damn expensive right now. Thanks for sharing that they have DIY kits though. I’ll have to take a look around and source some out. Great looking build man.


@MDBuds check out “led gardner” on youtube and blog. Great info and reviews for the diy crowd, specifically to grow lights, including par and ppf videos.


Hell yea brother! I’ve employed hlg lights on the front lines for several grows now! No doubt the newer ones r even better, I stand by these lights 100% u made an excellent lighting choice my friend, if uve never used hlg lights, will not be disappointed, I can assure u!


That is really cool bud. Where did you learn how to build the leds?
How can you get the right light spectrum?
I would really like to do the same thing for myself.



Oh man, the hlg lights are fairly easy to assemble it’s a kit, they send u all the peices you need to assemble and its mostly common sense, but there are step by step videos on YouTube, and u can either buy the red spectrum or blue spectrum lights both in many sizes it just depends on what ur wanting to do

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@Rye yummmm Lemon haze! But I mean options are nice! Hahaha another grow room does solve all those problems :wink: nothing like more girls! Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: I’m excited to see what you do :smiley:

I’m using a viparspectra p1000 for my girls right now. I grow outdoors but I messed these seeds up so I had to bring them inside to nurture and reveg them. They seem to be loving life now, probably put them back outside in about a month or so. :raised_hands::sunglasses::point_up:


@Jerry3lbs the quantum boards are already built, you just mount them to a heatsink and then wire them to a power supply. The sabers are just wire up to the power supply. Most of their stuff you can buy as either completed components, assembled kits or self assembled kits.

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BTW these are GSC x Blue Headband and SLH :sunglasses:

Here is the latest pic of my girls Bertha aka Stanky(GSC x Blue Headband​:drooling_face:) and Hazel(Super Lemon Haze​:drooling_face:) on the right and that’s my brand new HLG 350R they’re sitting under. I just flipped the lights last Friday, so I’ll have some more pics in a couple weeks when they start showing flowers :sunglasses::fire::100: