Difference between topping and fimming

OK Bill. That is a lot of light 2 x 2000w for a 32x32. Do they have controllers to dim them a little? If not, maybe raise them a drop.
Feeder, if you can find the link for the automate water system, please provide.

I’m only using one 2000W in the 32x32 tent. There are 2x2000W in the 24x48 tent.
Here are links to the lights I use and the latest watering system (this one uses batteries or a USB connection (batteries will provide power during power outages).

2000W Light
Watering System

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Holly Grow, it’s been a while since I have visited. I do remember one is topped and one is fimmed. Did you start out with one or two plants in each container? @dmtscravey they are looking good!

One in each container I just like freakishly big containers for some reason!


Too funny! Thanks for the reminder, nice to see them looking good. I finally have everything I need and still haven’t started yet, ugh. I even have help to put everything up and together,since I’m too short. I gotta get outta this funk (hate the cold). Maryjane will help me out in so many levels, give me something to do that’s enjoyable to take my mind off the pain.

Love your watering system @Bill. Also I love your plants too, :partying_face:. If this doesn’t give me some motivation to get started I don’t know will, it’s a new year. Come on my friends, tell me to plant that damn seed and life will be better! Growing is therapeutic in itself, okay, “I’m ready coach.” :laughing: Now I need to germinate (cleanly).


Thanks @Munchy! And here’s your “push”:

Get those seeds going!!! :partying_face: :sunglasses:


Today is January 17th 2021 my plants are 13 weeks old from Sprout 5 weeks from light flip. The one on the left it’s still recovering from the nutrient burn but it’s still advancing in Bud size and everything the one on the right is doing awesome



@dmtscravey looking great man. Going to see a lot of swelling in the buds the next few weeks. Each top is going to start looking like a big sugary cone. :heart_eyes::drooling_face:

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Yes, but how do they smell!!! :star_struck: They are gorgeous!!

I cannot wait! These are really fun to grow which seems weird because it takes so long you wouldn’t think It’d be fun but it is. I forgot to post a pic of a close-up Bud of the one on the left so here’s a couple of those.


These plants smell odder than any I have grown yet and come morning after a night of in the dark the room just smells fabulous I love waking up to the smell

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Odd in what way? Cat urine, sweet, or musky?

Well it’s kind of a berry smell with a not really a skunk but a funk smell with it. And they are sticky as all get-out! I guess you would say sweet and musky.


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@dmtscravey that myrcene and caryophyllene gives it that spicy musky smell and the limonene and trans-nerolidol give it that fruity citrus floral smell.

Great for pain and anxiety.

I like pheno hunting for ones that have a slight piney scent too because I also want them higher in pinene than average.

Tubs of buds @dmtscravey !

Looking really nice :v::+1::peace_symbol:

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Myrcene is what causes cardiac to go wonky, right?

@kmac03 no. Myrcene is sedative and anti-inflammatory/analgesic. It makes you feel sleepy and stops aches and pains.


Can you please help me? I’m trying to remember something from like two years ago. One of them is what causes cardiac patients to get sick.