Cryo-freezing opinions

Has anyone tried cryo-freezing their buds right after harvest? Sounds way better than a long cure

Dunno bout cryo freezing but freezing directly after harvest is a step to making live resin.

Yeah. I’ve put my smoking bud in the fridge in a baggie before back in the day and it totally destroyed it as far as it just became powderized when breaking it up. But this is like the same process they flash freeze vegetables with, way colder than a freezer. Machines start at like $2500 though.

I thought about freezing until I realized that the buds stay potent for a year at least, long enough for the next harvest to come in.

Yeah this is different though. Its Cryo-freezing, not in your refrigerator freezer. You need a special machine. Basically it does a full cure in 12 to 24 hours with no loss of quality or terpenes. So you don’t have to worry about mold or anything. I just wish the machines were cheaper

Cryo freeze of not frozen is frozen… and I believe it preserves rather then cures

It’s a 1 day cure plus it gives the weed a 1 year shelf life. I was kinda asking people’s opinions who have actually used the machines, bro. Not looking to debate what it is. Thanks tho

No debate sir just saying what I know on the subject. Please excuse me


I did some googling and most of what came up was about Cryo Cure, and mostly by the company that sells the product. Sounds cool, but not a lot of unbiased info that I could find in a short search. I will point out that air drying and curing has worked well for at least hundreds of years. But I’ll be interested to hear about freeze drying results. Good luck!

@TolkinWhite if you’re referring to freeze drying it works great. Down side is they lose the moisture barrier that protects the terpenes so if they don’t go directly into a controlled environment after the freeze dry they lose the terpenes fast due to off gassing. Faster than wet bud.

Have to make sure you have your curing/preservation environment set up on point before you freeze dry otherwise you’ll end up with crumbly flavorless buds.

Well I have C-Vaults with 65% humidity packs. I’m just curious about it because of what I’ve seen on the cryocure website. I just saw today they have a residential unit coming but it cost $50,000 lmao. I’ll pass on that.

My issue is I have plants coming up on harvest and some are more ready than others but I use the tent to dry so thats a problem. It’d be nice to just take out the ready plants and cryocure them while the others finish maturing

Yeah they have good reviews but I wish someone here had one. Like I just told someone else here, the residential machine is coming out soon and its $50,000. I was looking to spend about $2500 lol

Its all good bro, I appreciate it.

They have residential ones for 2.5k or so. They’re smaller home freeze drying units.

I have the brand written down somewhere because I was looking for one myself.

@TolkinWhite the brand is called harvest right. They have small to large sized residential freeze drying units.

Wouldn’t another tent just for drying be an economical solution?

Totally. Thats eventually gonna happen once I get my grow room set up. I’m buying an 8x8 tent then with 4 4x4 lights from ac infinity. That’s still a few months out though. Then I’m gonna give my gf this tent to grow her veggies. At that point I’ll probably also buy a little junk tent just to dry

Thanks ill check it out

I know it’s not what you asked for, but I’m in a very small apartment, and I swear if I start two plants of identical strain, do everything the same, one always comes to harvest a week or more ahead of the other. So yeah, drying in the tent didn’t work. First I built a dry box and plumbed the vent duct going to my tent inlet through it, co opting my filter in the process. Then I upgraded that with a dedicated dry8ng cabinet. It cost about a hundred bucks to build, donor cabinet, fans, etc included. You can look up the thread about cabinets. I just jarred one plant out of it today, and have two more in some stage of drying. Just kept the plants separated by chopstick dividers as I cycle them through. It uses a cheap, homemade charcoal filter and works great.

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Is cryo-freezing better?–better smoke, more terpenes, last longer. Honestly it takes (depending where you live) 5-7 days to dry weed. Plus you have maintain the equipment and cost to run it. Some things are simple and work.