Building veganic living soil

So I’ve been doing a lot of research into building a vegan living soil and pricing out all of the needed amendments and taking into account sustainability.

I based this recipe off of Kyle Kushman’s veganic super soil but I wanted to make a living soil with a smaller carbon footprint. His recipe doesn’t have a big one, but with the growing controversy over using peat I decided instead to opt for coco and sourced my vegan amendments based on what you can easily find at local nurseries and hardware stores.

I also wanted to make sure I can reuse the soil with compost without needing constant amendments and I think I found a good starting point. Just have to make sure to keep one of my compost piles vegan and invest in some compost worms for a more sustainable source of nitrogen. If I worked it all out right I should be able to reuse this soil with very little ammendment by mixing it back into my compost every grow.

Here’s my shopping list with everything needed to get started based on an online organic soil and ammendment retailer.

I hope this helps some of you other growers looking into veganic growing. I know the research can be grueling but Mr. Kushman already did a lot for us and gave us a pretty good guidline on where to start.

It doesn’t seem too expensive so I think I might just go full veganic on my next grow myself.

Happy growing my friends. Remember that sustainability should be our biggest goal with organic and veganic growing. :v::metal::call_me_hand:

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Thank you so much for this. So helpful

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Wait soil isn’t vegan?

Soil made with animal byproducts is not vegan no. The only exception is worm castings from vermiculture but even most vegans can’t agree on that so it’s a 50/50 split on that.

So that’s a thing? Vegan weed?

Yes. That’s a thing.

Cool I’d love to try