Bad seeds described

The seeds I got were Gold leaf was supposed to be 17 cbd and 21 thc now after I bought sold cbd oil that had no or barely any cbd all they could say was sorry my reputation is ruined they never wrote to me to tell me the mistake or anyone who bought the seeds I’m done buying from you crooks if you wanted to make it right that be fine but to leave a lie up for at least 6-8 months and never say a word I’ve talked to at least 10 people who had thier seeds tested and none were what they ordered I’m so disgusted with homegrown cannabis I wrote for over 6 weeks trying to get a reply when I said I would go on line they finally wrote me but never even offered to give me some seeds that wasn’t a lie if you people keep buying thier crappie seeds that aren’t as advertised just know you probably getting wrong seeds you ordered


Let me know how many people have had same thing happen the only way to get them to sell the correct seeds is to let everyone know so let’s get out there and let the truth out


@Steve1 Sorry you feel displeased, could have been a simple mix up with your order from our warehouse but you’re out here trying to degrade a company and that’s fine. You can be as mad as you want but to act like you speak for everyone is ridiculous. There are dozens of growers, including myself, who have grown out multiple strains that are the strains listed with the profiles and potencies. Your pack may have been mixed up by a human error by someone working in the shipping warehouse. That’s unfortunate and I’m happy to help but let’s back down from this whole reputation slander that is false.

Homegrown has quality breeders and we work hard to produce a lot of great content, products, and seeds for our consumers. I’m sorry you are unhappy but there are dozens of growers I can show you that are happy. They may have taken time to get a reply to you also, because some of our HR questions get super in depth and our representatives have to wait for one of us who answer hundreds of questions a day, who are growers, to help answer their needs. Not everyone is a grower and every situation is special, I’m sorry it took over 6 weeks but if you want it peacefully resolved we can work on that. However the way you’re going about it you seem to just be angry and want to slander and if that’s the case I’ll just remove this post and remove you from this forum if you don’t wish to understand simple mixups can happen from human error. That doesn’t mean you bash a companies reputation.

So I am happy to help get your issue fixed and get you proper CBD seeds, but some understanding on your part would be appreciated that we are a company that works with human beings and not robots. Mistakes can happen and we are not ignoring you.

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@Steve1 I’ve never bought seeds, I take cuttings. but I find it ironical that you are bitching that they give you bad seeds and your oil was not what you expected. However, if you sold your oil and your reputation is ruined, I wonder why you don’t test your oils BEFORE you sell them…that’s on you!

Not denying or refuting your claims, I’m impartial in this, just pointing out that you also need to be responsible for your product’s content claims.


@spudgunner That’s a good point, however, I still do feel for him on the aspect of a mix up and what can happen with reputation. So it is unfortunate and I would like to mend the situation. Our seeds are quality and humans make mistakes, that’s all.

So to move past this all, I would like to remedy the situation if I can.

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They advertise as 17 cbd when they only had 1cbd I did have it tested that’s how I found out my point they advertise them as having a high cbd it didn’t and when they found out and changed it they did not tell anyone

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@Steve1 Again man, we may have given you the wrong strain my friend. I grew out 3 CBD ratio plants and each one tested the proper CBD ratio. So can you be understanding or not?

I’m trying to help.

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One last time, our warehouse has humans in it that make mistake when packaging items. That’s a human error. I can’t help that, no one can. I can now fix this issue for you though and try to remedy the situation. To make you a happy customer. Get you growing proper CBD strains. Get you potentially something for your frustration.

I’m trying to be helpful.

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They were on your site as 17cbd then 21 thc then after trying to find out what was going on I got this email which didn’t help after all the time and money I had in them not to be what I was told

seeds are not cheap I was happy with the way they grew but it was not what I ordered when you found out and changed the facts on cbd and thc you should have contacted us to let us know


It wasn’t a mistake at warehouse it was a mistake on the fact sheet which was on your site for 6-8 months then it was fixed to the right facts but didn’t tell us about the mistake

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Oh so you’re mad because our literal IT department MESSED UP, again HUMAN ERROR, and you bought seeds that weren’t CBD. If you don’t stop slandering I’m going to be removing you.

This email literally tells you that they had a mistype and you let them know, we have over 500 Strains. WE ARE HUMANS, NOT ROBOTS. Again. We literally have 1 to 2 people doing all the IT development. But if you do not want to be understanding no worries.

I can help get you seeds that are CBD.

We didn’t falsely advertise. We actually have mistypes and hiccups all the time that our clients or consumers catch for us. It happens when humans don’t catch their own mistakes.

So when that happens we do replace seeds, they aren’t going to replace seeds of the same since you ordered what you ordered but I am understanding what your issue is now.

I can HAPPILY talk to the team and get you some ACTUAL CBD seeds. I can give you a list of HIGH CBD strains we sell. Will that satisfy you?

This was a total misunderstanding. They emailed you the answer and I think you misunderstood. Just one big misunderstanding. No need to slander. We sell proper seeds.

So think about what my offer is for ya to try to make you happy. I’ll try to toss in a shirt or something if I can, but again you can’t be slandering companies to get your way. So the least I can do is get you proper CBD seeds.

I’ll explain how the Customer Service misunderstood what happened and what they should have done, which also means you should try to be better on getting so frustrated with a company. I’m here to help any time

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@Steve1 we had a typo on our site for 1 year, your point is? Should every single person get free seeds because 1 human made an error? No.

99.99% of our consumers are happy and I believe that’s been the only potency mistake on our site so far, the rest is information. So with that being said I’m happy to help get you proper seeds in the amount you ordered for your compensation of buying those seeds specifically for CBD during that time period.

I hope that can help, that’s all I can do. I’m not going to keep battling you if you’re angry. I’m trying to remedy the situation.

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Slander is saying something not true I wrote for months asking what was going on and if there was a mistake and I did ask to get the seeds replaced I understand mistakes happen I make them a lot my point is Someone should have told us once they realized the mistake I have no problem with how seeds grow or germinate I get a lot of information from Kyle and this site but I’ve spent close $1,000 in less than a year and just want to receive what I order I can’t afford to have every plant tested


@Steve1 You are literally saying we are falsely advertising and don’t sell the right seeds. I get you wrote for months, our customer service may have not understood the issue from a growers perspective. They may have thought it was resolved when you informed them of the typo.

Again I can help get you replacement seeds that are proper CBD seeds, but if you don’t want to work with us anymore no worries. I get you can’t afford to get every plant tested but mistakes happen from human error. There is nothing we can do with the plants you’ve already grown. Saying we sell seeds that are false and this and that is in fact slander when we fixed our mistake, our customer service sent you an email with confirmation of their update and fixing the mistake, and here I am trying to help. So let’s back off this aggression, calm down a bit and please understand I am trying very hard to help you out now. I can’t do anything about the last however many months, I wasn’t present for it, this is the first I’ve seen your post, but hey I’m trying to help nonetheless.

So what would you like to do? Do you want a list of high CBD strains and would you like to pick 1?

Also if that’s the case please let me know your original order number through direct message so I can get you the proper amount, shipped to the proper address, and link this issue to your customer service tickets to let them know what should have happened in the first place.

So you tell me.


@MDBuds, if I recall correctly, you were trying to do some breeding with these yes? Based on the high CBD claim? Did you ever have a CBD test performed?

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"You’ll fall in love with the harvests from the Gold Leaf feminized seeds with their impressive THC levels, earthy flavor, and pleasant, uplifting buzz. The harvest from the Gold Leaf feminized seeds is balanced with impressive 21% THC and 17% CBD levels. It’s an indica dominant strain with 60% indica and 40% sativa. You’ll get the best of both worlds with this cannabis strain. "

@CurrDogg420 I don’t think (or hope that) @Kronic was throwing his IT dept under the bus. I’m an old IT guy, check out the tire tracks on my back, next to the 1000w HPS burnmarks from smallroom low-ceiling grows in the 80’s/90’s! Always hard to reach the back shelf ones when watering!

Datasheets are written for products, then given to IT team to publish. IT doesn’t usually verify content, that’s the writer’s job. It’s also difficult to keep all your documentation consistent. When you make a change in one spot, where else does that appear and how many instances do you need to update? It becomes an onerous burden to keep everything consistent across the entire site. IT folks are mainly concerned with not getting errors, correct order processing and billing, and of course security.

I think that’s what happened here, they forgot the period on the 1.7%, nobody caught it until @Steve1 notified them. They changed the profile summary, but not the writeup. Case in point…check out the CBD strains, filter by high cbd content, and Gold Leaf still appears, even tho it’s only1.5%. Forgot to remove the “HighCBD” attribute.

Looking at the HIGH CBD page, why not try the 1:30 seeds, if you make CBD oils? Altho looking at that description, a 3’ sativa that yields almost a pound???

Ironic that it was Robert Bergman’s online books that I first downloaded and read when it became legal up here in Canada! Small world!

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@CurrDogg420 i addressed the issue with them already. There was a typo made for the cultivar and it was corrected, but yes I am still using it for breeding because I was going to cross it with another pure cbd cultivar anyway. I just wanted to use it for its terpene profile and fairly high cannabinoid content levels. I did test those and I got about 32% total cannabinoid content but that includes all thc, cbd, cbn, cbg, etc… and I didn’t spring for the extra to have all the separate levels measured yet.

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I won’t be replacing anyone who has not put in a ticket and we aren’t taking back seeds. If your purchase was as purchased than that’s fine. I’m trying to handle the initial ticket and I don’t need you adding drama to this or fuel to the fire. Our IT department did end up missing the period between the 1 and 7. It is in multiple places and since they were only notified about one they didn’t check the other. Again these people are not sitting there going over everything that’s written. They are inputting information pre-written from writers and editors that decimals and various symbols don’t get transferred.

We have TYPOS all the time and WE DO NOT REPLACE seeds based off this. I was trying to be considerate but at this point I will stand my ground and not replace anyone’s order at this point. This is ridiculous that all this drama came about over a typo.

There are multiple faults in each claim and I’m not going to start handling everyone’s issues when we have just stated that these seeds had a typo.

I’m here to help 1 person and that’s the initial person who had a ticket months ago and who seemed to seek out specific CBD strains for CBD oil. @CurrDogg420 please do not add to this and don’t be a person to try to seek free compensation. Homegrown will not be replacing seeds for typos unless they cause legitimate issues like @Steve1 is dealing with, with actual product he is selling based on the seeds.

So for anyone thinking of commenting on this thread please don’t. This thread will either be taken down and I’ll move this to a private conversation between Steve and I, or people will respectfully keep this thread to allowing Steve to let me know what he’s seeking to do.

I’m not adding anymore fuel to this fire especially with a typo issue.

Also high cbd in photoperiods is anything about 1% considering most strains are less than .5%, so that is why our description says high cbd for a photoperiod. I am not going to defend the typo anymore. It’s a TYPO and if you really can’t understand how humans copy and paste things between various interfaces where sometimes periods or decimals or even brackets won’t transfer proper, than I don’t know what else to tell you.

I have the team fixing it but that’s on their to do this first thing tomorrow. It’s not like I personally have access to go to the description and write it proper at the moment.

We have a small team that handle these issues and we get issues daily between purchase problems with cards not working or having issues with uploading new articles, or various other projects they help us post that are just normal content. We work hard to make sure everything is 100%, we have over 500 strains on the website and I promise that if you really get picky you’ll find a few more mistakes. We are HUMANS. We are not perfect and I never threw anyone under the bus. We have teams that do this job that they literally missed the dot. That’s the team that did it, there is no worry for saying that, that’s a fact. It’s a hiccup on a human level that I’m trying to express to you all we make mistakes. So be understanding to that.

I’m not going to replace every persons order due to typos though unless you’re like Steve who has legitimate reasons to be upset. So please don’t add to this drama, keep this civil, if not I’ll be removing this thread for the sake of these off topic conversations distracting me from helping a disgruntled customer that I’m trying to make semi-happy with the situation.

Thank you - Kronic


I think it’s hilarious you are trying to hold a company hostage for free product based off you being a customer.

This thread was initially started by steve, who posted a customer service / billing issue he felt wasn’t being handled on the forum for EDUCATION, that has NO TIES, with handling, distributing, or processing payments or orders. We simply answer your guys questions and help you learn. Steve, who has a customer service ticket that I initially asked for with his order number to send off to customer service because you know, admins on a forum aren’t the reps that handle billing and orders, is the one who this thread was for.

But since you guys feel like you own us and apparently we can bow to any mistreatment, slander, and aggression that you guys put out, well that means we have to bow to your every wishes right?


Steve started out slandering us, which I was completely fine de escalating the situation, where I was expecting to just get a response from Steve. Someone else chimed in which I tried to negate and focus on Steve, as I want to help STEVE since he made the thread.

As I stated before, IF YOU DON’T HAVE A CUSTOMER SERVICE TICKET I CAN’T HELP YOU. Because you know, I need a ticket number and order number to give them relevant information to contact you with. So I thought saying that would trigger some common sense into the people reading and you would think you would go, hey I bought these seeds, I bought them for CBD too! Kronic said If I have an issue I need to make a ticket, he said he needs a customer service ticket to handle it and any and all those without a customer service ticket won’t get handled. BECAUSE I CAN’T HANDLE IT THERE BUDDY!

Man, when the world learns that you do need to be understanding and respectful to those behind the consumer product, the consumers can get some equal and opposite respect as well. You see I can’t help you with your issue without any of you having prior contacted the proper people. Which isn’t going on a forum and adding to a thread which you said you don’t want to add to. It’s basically like “I don’t mean to offend you,” then following it with some very offensive information.

You should and could have asked what to do, but you sat there insisting I lied about the typo and that I threw my team under the bus and made accusations left and right. Who in the right mind wants to deal with someone trying to call them a liar? You literally are trying to tell me I’m actively lying to a person I’m trying to help and explain the misunderstanding happening.

You also took no consideration into the fact I documented every spot they missed and put it in their to do list for tomorrow.

Lastly, your comment of “You’ll replace my seeds or you’ve lost my business” is insane. Who do you think you are to demand that of a business? You literally said you gifted seeds away yet you want to trade for free product? We don’t do trades and we aren’t going to give you a strain of your choice willy nilly. I do however know, that when you connect with customer service with your issue generally they’re very foregoing to fix the situation. I LITERALLY SAID I WON’T BE GIVING ANY FREE SEEDS AWAY TO ANYONE ELSE WITHOUT A CUSTOMER SERVICE TICKET. I mean like man, I can’t help if you don’t have a ticket.

It’s enough for me to try to defend myself to one customer, but to get the regalia behind him calling me a liar with 0 evidence on your end is not something I need, want or will deal with on the forum I run.

I made it very clear that for anyone with issues go to customer service. My goal is to help this guy who has a serious issue that felt his issue wasn’t handled after having messaged everyone prior. My goal was to take HIS INFORMATION and relay what needs to happen to the proper people.

I do not plan to sit here for the next however many days handling every ticket, when we have a literal place to go input your tickets for customer service to resolve.

So man, I don’t care if you get your feelings hurt, I don’t sugar coat things and I don’t know how clear I can be with saying the thread was for one person for me to fix it. It’s not for people to jump on trying to get free stuff. If you have a messed up order like Steve’s cool, go to customer service. I’m a forum admin, not customer service.

I tried to give everyone fair warning, I wanted to leave this thread up to let people know HOW TO HANDLE their problem when they are seeking resolution and what can come of it with proper communication. That’s what my conversation with Steve was turning into. Whether he denied or accepted the offer I gave him. I wanted to communicate that and close the thread for education. Not for my job to turn into answering customer service tickets.

If you had an initial issue you could have just asked, don’t go throwing out comments that I’m lying and don’t start arguing on a thread that you don’t have much backstory on, or you don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes.

Don’t put your two sense in when not needed either, Steve is very capable of talking to me and expressing his issue, I don’t need anyone backing homegrown or steve. Homegrown messed up with a typo that cost Steve some money and reputation and that’s serious, but Steve has to consider testing his product each time to make sure he knows what he is selling. But hat’s my input, that can be argued all day. So to mend it I was going to have Homegrown make up for the situation the best we could because Steve, in this situation has more of a reason to mad, a hell of a lot more. So I made it clear I didn’t need anyone else arguing or saying things or starting to ask for free seeds.

Look you’re asking for free seeds now.

Man if you have an issue with your order and you’re peeved over this I’m sure they will replace them. But my job is clear when answering threads like these, handle the individual who posted and that’s it. I’m not giving away seeds and I’m not customer service. I’m Kronic. I’m a real individual who makes a shitload of educational content for you all to learn from. I don’t take kindly to being called a liar and I don’t sugar coat anything for customers. Everyone who is on this forum knows that, everyone on our facebook knows that. If you’re upset that I’m telling you what I’m going to do and what I won’t do, that that’s fine.

I made it clear I don’t want people arguing on this thread because I don’t want 20 thousand people who never ordered this strain trying to say they did and get free seeds. That happens with many companies. So go make a proper customer service ticket if you’re really that upset. Don’t start accusing people of lying or not doing this or that, just state what your problem is, state you bought a strain that was mislabeled with a typo, hell you can even bring the other typos to their attention if you feel so inclined, and watch what happens. They will probably make it right, but me? Nah, I’m not that dude. I’m not going to sit here and start handling customer service problems when you guys get demanding and start throwing shade my way and on my character.

So toughen up, welcome to the real world, if you are gonna be disrespectful with speaking to someone and without any reason call them a liar, even though you have no proof, then expect the same treatment back.

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How do you get cbd cbg etc is it just the temperature you have when decarb ?thank you steve

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