Autos on 12/12?

Is it a waste of time. I just flipped some photos to flower. But was wondering if it would be ok to put some autos in with them at 12/12?? They would prob finish roughly same time.

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12/12 on auto works just fine…

I’d have to agree, its completely fine…BUT in the long run may effect growth/yeild if it isn’t switched to atleast 18/6 at some point

yes…the more light, the larger the harvest…Auto’s can produce with as little as 5 hrs of light but I find 20/4 to be key. There are those who run 24/0 on auto but I think they do better with a little rest. I also find the added cost of light time does not benefit the return on that investment…


You mean autos are expensive to grow ? I was thinking about it specialty the yield is not worth the amount of energy , I think is better to go photo. Thoughts ?

I can grow 5 auto to 1 photo…I get variety, I harvests in LESS THAN HALF the time, do not have to play the flip game, have MORE potent and better tasting buds (auto’s are a better quality than most photo) and they FIT easily within my tent. I do not have to concern myself with stretch, too close to the lights, outgrowing the tent, changing schedules…
Here are a cpl pics of a 2 gal cloth bag growing G13 auto…It is the size of a 2 litre bottle and went from seed to dry in 12 weeks…I grew this along with with Alaskan Purple, Bruce, Pineapple, SLemon Haze, GSC, Tangerine, Frankenstein, CBDKush…all at the same time and it took up about 5/8 of my tent. I had 2 x 5 gal re-veg of photo GDP and BubbaK along with a 5 gal Acapulco Gold…all this at the same time…The Auto flowers make that possible. Much less energy from both a physical, mental and envrionmental standpoint…


Excellent! I needed to hear that :writing_hand:This is from Tuesday !

ok, time to DRY and Cure…looks nice!

@Mrb53004 what have you grown as an auto that was more potent than its photo counterpart?

In my experience photos still have higher potency and terpene levels. Autos are getting close though as far as thc and cbd potency but the terpenes still have a way to go.

They definitely have benefits vs photos as far as turn around and the yield factor is easy to address because you can just throw a few more seeds in the dirt and grow sog to account for the difference in yield.

I still have yet to personally grow an auto that measures up entirely to its photo counterpart.

Maybe the cultivars I grew just needed some more selective breeding and stabilization but when I did white widow auto and white widow photo the photo far out performed the auto with potency and terpenes. Same went for Moby Dick, Blueberry, Gold Leaf, and the AK-47 I’ve tried.

The autos were still great and definitely worth it for time and limited space but as far as the quality vs the photo the photo beat them every time.

If I could find autos that performed just as well as photos I might just go full auto because I like using smaller pots, less nutrients, and having a faster turn around.

The other auto crosses I grew though were still amazing in their own right though. I would like to grow a photo of them to see how they compare because the critical purple auto and Blueberry X Big Devil autos are great cultivars. If the photo followed suit with my experience they definitely could potentially be some cup winners.

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The Frankenstein auto…developed a little over 4 years…heritage like
OG Bubba/Afghani Kush, crossed with a ruderalis called sweet tooth auto…Then some Blueberry and might be some Grape Ape…can’t remember. But the auto is by far better than any of its parents…
MobyDick auto …in my opinion, is another one of those magical beans that is better than its lineage or photo line. I tried your MD seeds and did not see the same results I had from seeds (previously) from a different grower. Maybe you are spot on when you talk about stabilaztion and I am not convinced that HGC has a great line…There is a lot of good stuff here and a great community but selectively, sorry, they miss the mark several times
… none of the sativas of its heritage can stand up (at least anymore) to this strain
There are a few others but off the top of my head…this is the beginning of my list
Sometimes, GSC auto’s will astound me, much more than a GSC photo…Maybe the ruderalis does something to the plant but I have had GSC auto, more times than I can count, that seemed to be MUCH better than the photo. I have gotten some terpenes from GSC that I cannot recall in its photo counterpart. The last GSC A I cropped (from HGC) were some of the best I have had…either that or my conditions, adding UV, IR, better soil, amendments, all made a diference

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@Mrb53004 that definitely all makes a difference. Every time I invest in better lights and soils/nutrients my next grow always out performs the one before. I’ll be making use of that temp controller you sent me too for this next grow I have coming up hoping for even better results and cost savings so I won’t have my fans and ac/humidifier/dehumidifier on 24/7.

All of the photos I have grown from HGCC have been great but the autos although decent haven’t stacked up.

The seeds I sent you were originally from HGCC but I did some of my own selective breeding and stabilization because I wanted more terpenes. I got that Blueberry X Big Devil pretty beast imo. It’s my favorite auto currently. The others I sent were just straight from them.

I think it might just all boil down to the genetics of the ruderalis they used to breed the seeds.

For instance the Critical Purple auto I grew is the only auto so far that blew me away. It was listed as up to 27% thc but I got 32% out of it and am hoping to repeat that this grow. First auto I’ve had on par with a photo.

The other ones didn’t perform nearly as well but we’ll see how these next ones that I bred do. I tried a little bit of selective breeding to stabilize because of the pheno variances. So that might very well be the thing. Maybe they just aren’t as stable as the photos.

I’ll have to try out the gsc auto. I’m a fan of the high caryophyllene cultivars like gsc, Gelato, and wedding cake.

Where did you try your Moby Dick auto from? My photo from HGCC is great and I average 25-27% thc and if I could find an auto line I could get there that would be great.

I also mostly grow regular so this could also just be one of those things where it’s regular vigor vs feminized. I always get better plants when I grow regular and selectively breed than I do growing fem.

We bred our own MobyDick…Selective breeding as it is one of the seeds I will be carrying on my site…Same with GG4, GG4WW, GSC, Frankenstein and I am working on FrankenCookies right now. We also worked on Thai (the sativa - not an auto but might do something with it??), EarlyMiss, Have the AK47 but not a big fan, Maybe purpleHaze…I just bought the domain a couple days ago. Working on more of my solution/s, about 6 different compounds in all. pH and protease inhibitors are another big piece of the puzzle. Several PI’s…Working on soil possibly. My partner is going up to PacNW to to spawn a few acres of land with microbes getting things primed. We thought about bringing back forest soil and going after that market…I think with FF being bought out by Monsanto, many will be willing to jump ship. I will be testing some amendments in next few weeks…

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If you flipped ypur photos you should have flipped your light to bloom and while an auto will grow 12/12 under blue light it will not grow under bloom, if you only have a full spec light this can cause your autos to bloom early, autos are not photoperid plants and are not run the same, they like blue light till they stop growing vertical then full bloom (red) for the rest of your grow.

Definitely do 24 hr if you can. The yeild increase from 20hr to 24hr is drastic.

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meaning keep lights on for 24hr ?

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this is my lighting

Autos do much better under blue light, full spec has red and ir in it and can affect yield by making autos flower prematurely, this does not matter with photoperid plants bc you cut your light cycle to induce flowering, thats why the yield on autos is much less outdoors as the sun is full spec and outdoors autos flower quickly, here is a pic of GG#4 i grew outdoors the ones i grew indoors under blue light were 3 times the size, i have found after continually running autos for 9 years that they do much better under blue light till they stop growing vertical, then you flush out food check ph, add bloom nutes and turn my light to full bloom, i have a 600w viperspectra reflector series with 1 switch on you get blue light, with both switches on you get full spec, with 1rst switch off and 2nd switch on your in full bloom, this is called a 2 cycle light good for a 4x4 tent $150 delivered, your autoflowers will still grow under full spec but your yield may suffer a bit, on the good side its a good light for photoperid plants, first pic is GG#4 grown under full spec 2nd pic is toofless alien i just started flowering today i put my light under full bloom and plant was grown under blue light.