Autoflower seeds

What’s the difference between autoflower and feminized seeds?


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You may find your answers at the link below. If not, come back and I’m sure one of many will answer your questions.

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@badlymangled2002 Autoflower has been honed in ruderalis traits so that they do best under 24 hours of light. This is due to the fact they only sleep for roughly 30 minutes to an hour so having sleep cycles is pointless. Since they’re northern hemisphere genetics they are natural plants that learned how to flower in 12/12 or 18 hours of light or even 20 to 22 hours of light. This is where breeders honed those genetics in with photoperiod crosses to create plants that continuously grow from start to finish and will flower and be ready around 6 to 8 weeks generally give or take 2 to 4 weeks for longer going strains. Where as photoperiods have a light cycle swap that ques their flowering time. They also sleep for the entire dark period almost so they utilize night periods.


I wish I could utilize my night periods. :joy: :v:t2:


Daytime, Nightime…For most of my life my issue has been sleep related. I sleep for a few hours and wake up, wide awake, mind racing…I must have autism in my genes. I WAITED for the clock. After I turned 60, I realized that…I am just always tired and that is OK. I function, my mind tries to compensate by amping me up. I know I will face the day, accomplish that which I had / have to do but I will do it TIRED. I have tried pharma solutions, homeopathic, light therapy and even smoking / tinctures, but all are short lived. MJ has been the preferred solution as it had the LEAST side effects. Each provides temporary relief but eventually the body overcomes and I revert back. The body is an amazing machine. So i sleep a couple of hours, wake, sleep again, wake…I usually get about 4-5 hours of interrupted sleep daily, never more than 2 hours uninterrupted, except when I had Covid.


I’m away from the beach, which is where I used to get my Vit D on a regular. No money? Go hang out at the beach. I miss the water.

My Happy place…the place I go to for respite - I grew up in the northeast, next to the Great South Bay (Long Island NY). I had a fishing spot, in the channel, at Robert Moses state park, Fire Island. I would surfcast, to the first pylon of the bridge. Standing foot / knee deep in the water. The sun reflecting off the gentle rippling of the water and then “TUG”…Tug, tug, tug…the nibble of the fish taking the bait. Takes me somewhere special all the time, every time. Now I live in the desert…Having Jewish heritage,I can truly understand being LOST for 40 YEARS!. I so miss the beach. Now, vitamin D comes from a shot, with B12…

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I’d go crabbing in the same way, except with a net and raw chicken tied to a rope at sunset in the bay. Catch them, go put them in a cooler. Throw some Old Bay and beer in a pot. Steam them and dump them on a newspaper covered table and eat while drinking ice cold beer. Good times!

Why don’t you move back towards the water? NY is planning to go all legal, right?

NY is EXPENSIVE. My family (sisters and their families) all still live there, waterfront. I have young ones and I have a business I continue to reap profits from. I could not afford retirement on my income to live in NY
My nephew own a home, not far from the beach. Small home, 60+ years (young in NY terms) and his taxes are 17k. My mortgage is not even that high. He has to have a renter and my older sister as tenants to afford it. And he is a Plumber for the LI RailRoad and has a landscape business. And he just gets by
Vegas is cheap…I bought my first home for 92k, 1600sq ft, 3 bdrm, brand new
Home now are about 300k…2000sq ft but taxes are still only 1k per year


You know what, @Mrb53004? In my transient travels of survival, I have learned that it’s not just one state or another that has an unbalanced way of physical living. My hubs and I have traveled through multiple states while moving through our transition, it’s the same things all over. PROFIT, PROFIT, PROFIT so much so that it has become idolatry. Even if you don’t think in religious terms, somehow, some kind of way, you pay your pound of flesh. It’s always, hustle, hustle, hustle…if I’m not profiting off of your just having a roof over your head, food on your table, and blood from your arm, then you mean nothing to me. We are being forced to refocus whether we like it or not. Once everyone wakes up, we will be rowing that Ark a lot faster towards true civility and living.

PS: test smoke on board :rofl:



I think you’re spot on with the ‘profit over everything’ mantra. You can’t eat a dollar bill nor will the memory of making that last sale carry you through lonely times like the memories of ‘that time down at the beach when Dennis got so drunk he kissed a dead fish!’ (apologies to anyone named Dennis). Memories and experiences beat out a dollar bill any day!

For myself, I have sleep issues like @Mrb53004 and I’m learning to deal with them…but I think in the bigger picture we ARE moving toward an awakening or whatever you choose to call it. Cannabis is helping me with that journey by helping to break the regular thought patterns that keep us in a lower state of mind. :sunglasses:

I recently retired from almost 34 years of federal service that included random drug testing. This means I have a LOT of learning to do when it comes to cannabis, but I’m certainly enjoying the experience!

Thanks to this thread, I will ‘force’ myself to walk 20 minutes to watch the Pacific Ocean do it’s thing here in SoCal. I’ll be thinking warm thoughts for all of you stuck indoors with freezing cold and snow. (not meant to be a dig or anything as I grew up in Ohio and understand ‘winter suck’.)

Stay elevated, ya’ll!!



To embellish on your thought, I retired from public service and I would much rather pick up a patient who needs to wait it out a couple of hours with a Big Mac and a nap than the alternatives.

I appreciate your service, Sir. Thank you for keeping us safe. :v:t2: :heartpulse: :pray:t2:


Getting Ready for the NEXT GROW of AUTOFLOWERS
Early Miss, Frankenstein F4, Thai, Purple Haze, Blue Mazar (Thanks out to Gollo), Blueberry x Big Devil (Thanks out to MDBuds), Gold Leaf (again, Thanks to MDBuds), CBD Kush (HGC), Red Pure CBD, Dr Seedsman CBD 30:1, Orange Sherbet

After the seeding, time to start popping the Photo’s so they are ready for spring


There is a Thai auto? Dang I would try those.

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Hybrids, not pure Thai. But yes, auto Thai’s. Haven’t seen any here yet but they will come

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I will definately want to try those

Do y’all think I could grow an auto by 03/31? The date is not set in stone, might be a little longer, I’m just rolling with it.

Most definitely. Pick a FAST STRAIN,

I cannot remember if I sent you an Alaskan Purple

You did. That one will work in the time frame?

YES…And she trains fantastically…

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