Ask MD Buds (cultivars and terpenes for medicinal use)

@MDBuds how do you go about finding the information on terpenes combos & medications not good with med marijuana? Where did you find these resources? I know it can effect some but do not know where to find the info. Ty in advance :blush:

@LilMic I use medical journals and trusted websites. Generally with medication you can just do a quick search for the medications reactions. Then you just have to read and dig through everything until you find the information you need.

Many times the company that makes the medication will have the studies posted on their website as well and any study they didn’t perform themselves will usually have a third party link to read the study done by another private lab.

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@LilMic as far as the terpenes I use public lab data and the smell and taste profile listed on seller’s web sites to extrapolate the data needed.

Many cannabis labs will archive their old data and make it accessible to the public.

There are also many websites that you can search strains on that will tell you the average terpene profiles of strains.

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Awesome thank you very much :grin:

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What do you think the best way to extract cannabinoid‘s without decarboxylation? I was thinking about trying to cold alcohol extract for several weeks or months in a dark cool place. High proof ETOH. But I’m thinking I want to keep it in THCA and not converted to THCV at all. or as little as possible. I’ve been reading a lot of the results of Israeli studies and they are saying that THCA is surprisingly good at fucking up cancer cells; …moving to clinical studies. Seems to conclude that thca by chance seemed to be especially good for cancer.
With the irony being that virtually nobody consumes it that way. If you’re heating it to decarboxylate by smoking, oven, or vape.

Cancer runs in my family so I found that particularly interesting anyway I guess. Unless you fresh juice it with flowers and leaves (whole plant) is there a good way to do it? Concentrating it without any breaking in the carboxyl is what I am thinking. What are your thoughts? Thoughts or any tips are always appreciated. I love your insight…

Or a cold press rosin for extraction. Were you could dissolve it in the high proof EtOH.? Or set it on the back of the tongue as a lingual?

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@Noddykitty firstly there is a chemical difference between thc and thcv. Thca does not convert into thcv it converts into thc. Thcva is the carboxyl acid form of thcv. Thc and thcv have similar properties and effects but they also vary greatly and have different medicinal uses etc… thc is a pentyl carbon chain where as thcv is a propyl carbon chain. THCV is also federally legal and legal in 38 states where as thc is illegal federally.

Now with that said in order to answer your question properly I need to know if you want information on THC or THCV.

As far as the other cannabinoids and terpenes cold alcohol extraction is one of the best methods. It will not convert thca, thcva, or cbda without heat though you might still get some conversion because of age and oxidation before you begin the alcohol extraction.

For cold extraction with alcohol a minimum set time of 3 hours with agitation is needed. The longer you let it set though the more it will pull out. If you let it sit a long time make sure you shake it a bit and agitate it every day. Once it sets long enough to extract everything you can do a cold evap and filter process like what I do. Filter it into a clean container through organic unbleached coffee filters and let it set in a cool dark area and let the alcohol evaporate off until it reaches the consistency you desire.

My personal preferred method is to use a soxhlet extractor on low heat with non denatured alcohol 95% or greater. Just let it run until the drip runs clear. It operates at a low enough temperature it will not decarb anything.

As far as the medicinal benefits it all depends on the type of cancer and delivery method. Lab studies are great but it shows the effectiveness in a petri dish not in the human body. So it would be difficult to suggest which delivery method to use without knowing the type of cancer etc…

Sublingual dosing can be effective if you let it set under your tongue long enough to absorb.

Yes, you can make great tinctures with cold pressed rosin by putting the rosin in alcohol or a carrier oil. I do this myself with cold pressed fresh flower rosin on occasion.

If I missed something or anymore clarification is needed on your end feel free to ask. This is a good discussion to have.


I am referring to just to thca in the raw form. I incorrectly thought that thcv is an intermediary short lived form between thca and thc. I did not realize it was its own separate isomer. My bad.

You are also right about specific cancers. The study had focused on colon cancer specifically and 1 type of breast cancer. I was thinking whole body wellness it could not hurt to have some thca floating around in the body.?


@Noddykitty as far as whole body wellness is concerned no it won’t hurt at all. THCa and CBDa both have medicinal benefits outside of their effectiveness at killing cancer cells. They both have Anti-inflammatory properties, anti-nausea properties, and neuroprotectant properties.

THCa and CBDa may even be better than their active counterparts THC and CBD at treating some of these.

It’s why I personally mix fresh flower with my decarbed flower usually. Best of both worlds.

Also, as you previously mentioned that I forgot to comment on, juicing fresh flower and making smoothies with it is definitely a great delivery method. Aside from just having loads of terpenes you also get a lot of the chlorophyll and anthocyanins/carotenoids which are extremely beneficial for cancer fighting and immune system health.


Interesting, so when I add raw flower to my finished decarboxylated oil to infuse terpenes again, I am also infusing thca and cbda. I didn’t think about that.


@Noddykitty yeah that’s exactly what you’re doing.


Hey there I was wondering if you could provide a little advice and lead me in the right direction on the strain that is gonna help with anxiety ,depression,OCD and anything that would be any help with restless legs … this is for my fiancee they’ve fed her pills since she’s a kid and gets benefits from cannabis at times with right strain if I can find the right strain then maybe no need to eat handfuls of pills to be “normal” THANK YOU for your time…let me know what you think or if I can help with anything … Thanks again have a Merry Christmas my friend

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What strain has helped in little way

@Dkershey1 do you know what medications they currently have her taking?

There are plenty of cultivars that may help but I would need more information to be helpful. Aside from needing to know what medications she is already taking I would need to know the cause of her mental health issues (such as chemical imbalance or trauma etc… ) or her actual diagnosis. I would also need to know if she has any underlying medical issues that may cause or contribute to the ailments you listed such as diabetes, anemia, etc…

Mental health is one of the hardest things to treat in general and with cannabis you need to be extremely careful because it can easily make issues worse.

My best suggestion without having the knowledge necessary is to take a good multivitamin with iron and magnesium and use a high cbd cultivar.

As soon as you are able to respond to me I can suggest actual cultivars depending on medical history etc… feel free to pm me if the thread is too public.


I will check and get more details and get all my info correct and I will get back to you and THANKS AGAIN for all the help and info


@Dkershey1 any updated information yet?

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Hello MDBuds and thanks for doing this. I’ve had insomnia since childhood. What are the top three strains you recommend for insomnia? I ask for three because not everything is available all the time.

Thanks again.


@Reefers my top three i recommend for insomnia are grandaddy purple, white widow harvested with lots of amber, and blueberry.

Runners up are Purple Kush or Hindu Kush, God’s Gift, and Northern Lights.

My current personal favorite auto for sleep is Critical Purple auto.


Thank you very much. I had already been leaning towards Granddaddy Purple because of what I had read elsewhere and this settles it. It’s also readily available as feminized or autoflower at pretty much every seed store. Nice.


Yes sir I got all my details needed but gonna write up rough draft b4 posting so I get my questions right and provide the right answers it will be coming at you shortly my friend and THANK YOU in advance for taking tour time to help me… who you don’t know from a can of paint this forum is AWESOME but ill be posting all info needed within an hour or so Thanks Again

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This is gonna get relatively deep b4 its said and done my fiancee of 14yrs has ALWAYS hasd real mental issues since she was a kid and Dr.'s of course throw pills at her left and right it’s CRAZY she’s been on every psych med that’s out there but since our daughter passed yrs ago she’s hit rock bottom and basically left putting all the pcs back together now and finding the perfect strain of cannabis could ELIMINATE some of the pills and go natural Burnett msg should be all details you need my friend

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