Ask MD Buds (cultivars and terpenes for medicinal use)

Ok here we go bear with me now this is in depth but these are the meds she currently get prescribed… 1. Hydroxyzine pamoate 2. Clonozepan 3. Vyvanse 4. Fluvoxamine 5. Mirtazopine 6. Seraquel these are her main medications she has prescribed to take daily and ill list her diagnosis next… Depression , Anxiety, Anxiety Attacks/disorder, OCD (obsessive compulsive Disorder) ,Psychosis, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD,MPD … now there’s alot of meds because she has had alot of problems since childhood but I KNOW prob half are not even needed but I would love 2b able to find an answer that doesn’t result in more PILLS … IMO pills don’t solve anything its a band-aid and alot of times leads to much larger problems so this really means the WORLD to me and THANK YOU AGAIN for any help or info you van send my way Happy Growing

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@Dkershey1 you are so right on too many pills & most being useless. Your doing the right thing here :+1: After being in a car accident & then falling face first on cement I ended up with a bunch of problems. One being a closed head injury. OMG, they had me in so pills I couldn’t think right. Mind altering pharmaceuticals are the worse! And the addiction is insane​:sob: It takes time so be patient & do it slowly & carefully. Mdbuds is an amazing resource :blush:
I’ve been through it, a friend of mine was addicted to prescribed opioids used medical marijuana to wean off & help with withdrawals. She did it with direction from her doctor. Good luck & God Bless


@Dkershey1 is the seraquel currently prescribed as a sleep aide or as an anti-psychotic?


Anti-psychotic and sorry so long on last response but got my notifications on now


@Dkershey1 alright man with everything listed and interactions looked into I’d suggest a high cbd cultivar or dosing with a 1-1 thc-cbd. Something with high cbd that is calming and slightly euphoric but focused and sedative. Nothing too cerebral or high energy.

Something like the MediBerry fast version on homegrown might help.

She would definitely need to dose conservatively though as overconsumption will exacerbate literally all of her mental health issues so make sure she goes low and slow.


Good deal man I’m def gonna give it a try and thanks again for your time that you put into this for me this could be a game changer for her and it’s something I don’t know enough about the medical side of things Thank you again


@Dkershey1 it’s going to take some trial and error but the strain I mentioned or strains like it should be beneficial at the proper dose.

I’d also suggest her starting a weed journal so that as she tries new cultivars she can write down how much she consumed and how it affected her.

I’d also suggest getting a scale so she can weigh out dosages so she can get an idea of how much she will need to keep level. She would also benefit from maintaining at the lowest effective dosage to maintain medicinal efficacy of cannabis treatment.

There is also a therapy being done right now that she can look into for the ptsd. It involves using cbd or high cbd cultivars and exposure therapy to rewire the brain and associate ptsd triggers with other things.


Thank you for all the kind words and advice but yea its so crazy these dr want you under their thumb so bad at 1 point they had her so out of it she literally slept 14hrs a day but I’ve never been on meds needed daily other than antibiotics not saying I’ve never TOOK PILLS but I’ve never been under dr care but they’ve done this 2her since a child and just now for 1st time in life coming out of this stooper they’ve had her in for well she’s 34 so say 30YEARS under dr care and for what? She’s no better it was a band aid to mask the real problems but created so many unnecessary problems while doing so


Ok now I atleast have an idea on what could be beneficial for her and what to look for and the weed journal is a great idea also there’s so much to learn but thank you for pointing me in the right direction and even giving some ideas on how to treat im so thankful for you and this forum in general