Another Indoor Grow

I decided since most of my other grows are way in, or finishing up, I would do a journal here for one of the newer grows.

There are 2 Super Fruit 90, 2 Blue Cookies, 2 Lemon Skunk and a Green Crack. I decided to start the seeds right in the medium this time. I mixed up my soil, drop the seeds, then added a small amount of water. Couple days later I used a small spray bottle to lightly mist the soil daily. Most seeds were up within 3 days. The Green Crack took 5. I continued to use the bottle on them daily for about 10 days. I found this the best way to not over water them yet keep the soil moist.

They started in a 4 x 4 tent with a 600w hps, with a fan cooled hood. Temp avg is 78 degrees and the RH around 50%. The Super Fruit, Blue Cookies and Green Crack have been moved to a 2 x 4 tent with 240-watt 30000k Samsung diodes led. Temp runs around 80 degrees with 48% RH.

Soil mix is Harvest N&O Container soil. Black Kow Manure, Peat Moss, Perlite, Lime, Blood and Bone Meal, EWC, Mykos and Dr. Earth Flower Girl. I then add in some topsoil to cut the heat.

The plants are 4 weeks old.

Super Fruit 90

Lemon Skunk

Blue Cookies

Green Crack


I really like your labeling. Olants are beautiful as well.


Looks like another great start @Raymundo !

Lookin’ good :+1:


I have done a photographic journal of these 2 plants that I’m currently growing from seed to 4 1/2 weeks into flower right now everyday I have snapped a picture of them from the same spot I’m going to string them all together and make a seed to harvest video journal of it ((( Being a newbie I have reached my daily post limit so I’m not ignoring you guys I’ll just be back tomorrow to add to the conversation))))) Here is a snapshot of some of it


That is cool. I l like that idea.

I have more pictures of them from sprouts till now. I just didn’t want to clog up the thread showing things that are a month old. I like to make spread sheets and document everything so I have my own reference guide.

Man I wanna see that. I’ve been keeping weekly photos. Wish I had set up a camera in the grow room to do daily’s from the same spot/angle.

Those are beautiful, @Raymundo. I just got my autos from Ramona Mark, and am in the process of germinating 2 x monster kush, and 2 x purple head band. Thinking to try a an early fall grow, the MK is supposed to be a 75 day auto strain according to Mark, and the PHB a 60 day strain; and a Thanksgiving harvest in So Cal that late will be new for me. I’m going to put off the indoor experiment another month or so - deciding I need a tent instead of winging it in the closet :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear things went well with him. I am growing one of his monster kush right now.

7 weeks old. Started flowering around 6 weeks

This is his Snow Ryder 53 days old

His Afghani at 7 weeks:

I went with the wing it in the closet option for my first. Figured I would be better off spending that money on the light and climate control. Glad I did, i have decided instead of a tent I’m going to alter the closet permanently.

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Thanks for the feedback @Rye…I have a good LED light and closet space…but not sure of the climate angle just yet - @Raymundo’s got it wired with his temp, RH, and probably the CO2 and exhaust; and I’ll need to work on that.

However, with good local genetics it might be a good experiment to run one through its paces and see what I come up with. All of my cultivating experience to date has been outdoors…so it’s new territory :wink:

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All of my experience was outdoor until last November when I got my grow permit. I fired up my closet and I am on my 3rd cycle now and this is my purple Kush at 9 1/2 weeks from seed till now.I turned the light at 5 weeks and we’re 4 1/2 weeks into the flower

my goal is a one pound plant of cured ready to smoke Bud! This is to today’s picture


I have learned some lessons about things the hard way @smhomegrown. If you can find a tent used, that is how I built my room with used equipment from Craigslist, you may want to go that way. I have seen a few people come away with some nice yields in closets too.

I am sure you will have it nailed down quickly. I spoke with Mark last night and ordered some new things he has coming out. I will let you know how they go.

Learning/experimenting is half the fun. I got my climate control dialed in for the most part, have yet to introduce co2, played with it when I was making a mash here a few weeks back, nothing permanent yet though.

I’m thinking I’ll add a tent in the future for clones, seedlings, mothers etc. Depending on how the greenhouse build goes. My only issue with them is space inside them. And finding a place for it.

The only reason I went with the closet is because we had an large, unfinished, oddly shaped one in the basement. That just so happens to have multiple sources of input and exhaust options, and it already had electrical ran in it.

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Sounds like you had the perfect set up already in place. It is nice when a lot of the work is done for you. I can see why you want to just finish the closet out.

Yeah, I did get lucky. TBH, I’m not sure what else you could do with the area. It so oddly shaped, almost a octagon with an L shape in it, and has the vents/ducts for the basement in 1 corner. It sat mostly empty for the last 3 years. Once I finish it it’ll be roughly 60sqft of floor space.

That is a nice size room. Sounds like you could block off an area for drying or another grow area if you needed.

This my babys grape ape from home grown 50 days old today.


Good looking plant @Daddy1971. Same thing beside it too?

Yea have 4 but it only sent one picture don’t know why had one didn’t sprout replanted the one

I have harvested 4 of my 5 autos. Only the Monster Kush is left. In a few weeks it will be coming down. Lots going on for the next grow(s)