And it begins.... Winter Photos

@Chasworks … I guess this is it. Im definitely going through with it and going to make a run of six fotos that I will flower when my current auto flowers are done.

Ive had already started 4 but only kept 2 as I replanted the others since I decided to lighten up the media as the two were struggling and im positive it was just too hot. Ive used all my boxes at about 6 cycles now. So I took the two oldest boxes and made 4 new boxes by mixing in buildasoil lite and remineralized with some extra lava rock.

So the two oldest I am holding back under lower light until the other catch up. but the final tally will be (hopefully :slight_smile: ).

2 - Mandarin Cookies r3 (MC #7 x MC #17)
2 - Fanta Sea (Wedding Cake x Triangle Kush) x Mandarin Cookies x Grandpas Cookies #6)
1 - Super Skunk x End Game #5 (Freebie seed)

1- Sour Diesel (took 10 days to sprout this seed but I was bound and determined not to give up :slight_smile: ). Ive ran quite a bit of Sour D but have not found what im looking for. Hopefully, as stated, the Humboldt is more classic west coast 90’s like I grew up on. Seems much of the sour d is morphed into something that isn’t very sour d profile anymore. West coast should be super sour piney to the point of smelling like gassy pine cleaner.

The 10 day Sour D germ… I almost gave up but saw a little tiny tap root about day six.

Super Skunk X Endgame #5 - Not sure what happened to the other top leaf… I must have been pretty baked to have chopped that :slight_smile:

The Fanta Sea - Pretty excited for this ones. I really wanted two each of this and MC r3 to have two plants to compare.

The start overs for the MC

@Chasworks if I don’t hear from you have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Ill probably pick up on this thread after the new year… But will be updating the Auto thread. Should be a fun one!


yupp some more bubbacheesecake for me


Its looking cheesy and delicious :slight_smile:

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Looks good Robert! Merry Christmas: wow photo’s a little surprised :wink: enjoy the holidays

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Yeah… Photos :). You know, I’m already second-guessing that…. So I may just take 4 to flower in a different tent, and leave the 8 x 8 for my autos as I like to run perpetually never ending in that tent.


Lol, i feel you Robert! After my first auto run which went 90 days from seed i started a fem plant grew it out used it to make (7) clones for both stages it covered about 5 months! Could have had 2 auto runs in that time most likely! The mother plant that was outdoors went to the worm bin! (Bud Rot) indoor filled my cvaults (3) and 8 bell jars (sm) not ready to start a inside grow: i have plenty for now! :wink::yin_yang:

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You got a lot out of the mom :). I probably have enough too but you know how “friends” are around harvest time…. Basically you never have enough when all your friends are stoners.


I do understand that! :grin: before i retired and relocated to Mexico i had that problem :wink: now its just me! Some times i miss those stoner friends. :yin_yang::100:

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:slight_smile: true… It wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without them. And they will all be jealous when I turn this medium structured plant into and indica dominant giant :slight_smile:

Im going to flower the Fanta Sea in about another 20 days as I think I want to flower her alone and then flower the others in about a month,

Fanta Sea (ethos) - Wedding Cake x Triangle Kush x Mandarin Cookies x Grandpa’s Cookies #6

The main stem was topped twice

Kept six satellites and just topped them - As you can see, I shaved her to the tops.

Ill let her go another 2-3 weeks to get one more top and then to determine which branching I will be keeping before flipping,

you always get the sense when a plant is ready to go… This one is acting and drinking like she wants to bust out the starting gates into flower. Im guessing it will be a fast and furious stretch,

As I did with the madarin cookies last photo run, ill probably start her at 15hr for a week and then drop her to 12 to induce stretch and the put her back to 12.5-13 through stack and then transition her from 12 down to 11 though finishing.

The mandarin cookies r3 turned out pretty good till the extended power outage…

Definitely need to get these delicious nugs back in the tent :slight_smile:


Looks like they were out in the Snow! :yin_yang::ballot_box_with_check::100:

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Just did defoliation, second tops, and pretty hefty top dress. I think I probably have a good 10 gal of media in that 7 gal EB. She looking great… probably give her a week then flip her.

I think today I will break down her 4x4 and erect the 5x5 as I can’t fit the light I decided to flower with in the 4x4. Plus I have the foot height extender for the 5x5 and it’s set up for trellising as I have the high impact kit for it.

So… I will put the Spectra Max 1000 that is currently in my 8x8 being used to veg autos. I don’t need that power so I will put the SM750 (680watts) and I can still hang hit high for veg.

I’ll only need to run the light at about 60% through her stretch and I can keep the light fairly high and the heat off her at about 80% through stacking. Depending on how high I keep the light but I’d like to maintain 2ft above top of canopy or higher.

I’m still training the mandarin cookies so flower date might be a little late.

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I’m making a note of that m. Cookie R3 as it looks tasty. Wow!

Ya, I broke a branch on one of my Skywalkers today while I was trying to train new nuggets out of the hot zone under my lights. They keep chasing the light if I raise it and I got another week or so of 12 hr vigorous growth from the turn back. So, I splint it with a wire tie and med tape. I’ll break more as this run comes to the end. Looking good and plenty on this post.

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It happens… some cycles I go through more duck tape than others :). Sometimes you can bandage them, sometimes not.

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You won’t be disappointed… the best MC yet and there’s been some good ones. I’m pretty sure I have a thread from.last spring with more pics.

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And here we go… Last night was the first 12hrs of dark. I was going to hold her back but im already over a week into the top dress and the growth after pruning is fast and strong. Basically I want her to hit stretch as the top dress becomes available. Then one more top dress about week 4.

So im making 1-5-24 as day 1. Hoping for about 70-77 days in flower depending if I stack at 12 or 13.

She’s gone have a lotta tops and she’s already demonstrated she will branch strong as well.

You can see down the satellites at the first topping level with excellent stretch out to the second tops of the satellites before going to stretch… I tried to wait till most the second tops grew out about 2" and already started another node or two.

In the middle you can see the first two tops of the main stem before they received their final and third top about 4 days ago. Most satellites got two tops… a couple due to placement only 1. and plenty of room in the middle to get a third top on the main stem.

You can see some pretty nice “pre” stretch before the stretch on the second tops.

Anyways… Hope your New Year is off to a fantastic start!. You know I don’t grow fotos much anymore so well see how it goes… But I am very excited for this Fanta Sea and also the Mandarin Cookies r3 im vegging for later.


Beautifully done! She is a work of art! :yin_yang:

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Thanks… if she can fill up most that 5x5 I will be stoked. We’ll see if the spectramax 1000 can crush it in flower as I’ve only been flowering my autos with the 550s. In flower is really where the 550s shine but I can’t swap tents as I will have more autos. But next fotos are definitely going under the 550s in flower.

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I have (2) seedlings just popped of the Caramelious to make (3) outside going if they Survive :yin_yang::ballot_box_with_check::sunny::palm_tree:

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Nice! Always exciting to bury some beans in the dirt and see what happens…. Seeing em pop is always an encouraging start!

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