Amber trichomes?

Hi, im new to growing in doors, I have a Bubba Kush that is today in it’s 60th day of flower. It’s quite beautiful. I’ve read that 56 days to 60 days is the average length of time to maturity. The trichomes are all milky looking, however, there are no amber ones as of yet. My question is: Should I wait a few more days until I get 20% or so of amber colored trichomes?

It depends on your preference of smoke. The more amber trichomes, the more couch lock affect. 50/50 is a good choice IMO and allows buds to progress more. Good luck!

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It’s not written in stone that you can’t wait a few more days. I wouldn’t go longer than a week, but those with more experience may feel differently so don’t go just on my word. Happy Growing! :v::nerd_face:

Thx to all for the advice. I’ll send pics before I harvest.


I am a BIG fan of Bubba…one of my all time favorites BUT, I love to use it for couch lock. It is such a good PUT ME TO BED strain that I would wait for more amber. If you had a hybrid, maybe some sativa in there, I would say harvest but if you like the sedative effects, wait. You can harvest early if you are not looking for that truly sedative effect


I think I’m inclined to like it like you do. I’ll let them go for a couple more days and see what happens. Thanks Mike! Appreciate the help!

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don’t forget- a good flush (that alone is 3-5 days), then a dry out (can be 1-3 days depending on substrate, maybe longer, 2 days darkness…Easily 10 - 14 days before you cut her down…pre-plan

Hi Mike, I’ve been flushing with straight distilled water since the 15th of May with the PH at 6.5 Are you saying don’t water for a couple days before I cut her down? And also a couple days of darkness?

Flush is about a 3 day heavy flush (extreme flushing every day with a 20% runoff - do not mind the ph). A slow flush is every 2nd or 3rd day for about 7-10 days
Dry time - after flushing (no more nutes at all), we let them dry out, That can take 3 or 4 days. Then we place the plant into total darkness for 2 to 3 days, then we chop.
Then, depending on your dry box environment and your strain, you do a wet trim of dry trim later
When we keep the leaves on (wet trim), it keeps the buds moist. Make sure there is ventilation or mold prevention solution so no MOLD can occur…YOU DO NOT WANT BUDROT…so if you have a high level of possible mold, trim before you hang…you can leave most of the smaller sugar leaves
If your buds / strain and environment is low ph and somewhat mold resistant, then you trim after they have dried.

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You want to harvest when they are milky, not amber. Amber is a sign that the good stuff is burning off and loosing potency.:wink:

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Hey Mike, just got back in town. I have been doing a slow flush for the last couple weeks. no nutes at all. i live in phoenix so stuff dries out fast here. Been watering every other day . (107 yesterday, Saturday) I’m gonna water one more time this evening. then I’ll let it dry out for 2 days. Leave it in the dark for a couple days. then ill chop her down. Thx for your input! I’ll keep ya posted


Thanks for the advice LilMic. I’m considering all these things. Too much amber, not enough amber etc. Here’s a pic from 6/6/21 63 days into flower


I still see new pistils forming at the tops of the buds. Either you are overfeeding, the lights are too close, it is just to dang hot (yeah, we live in CREMATORIA for sure) or they JUST AIN’T READY
It is hard to fake winter for our grows out here in the SW desert regions…We hit 111° just a day or 2 ago and it has been >106 for at least a week. My outdoor garden hit >100° about a month ago
I do the ice cube trick…place ice cubes on the substrate to water. You do not need any nutes at this point in time. Increase dark hours to plus 14…as high as 18 hrs dark…lower the rh…30% is ok

HI Mike, well I haven’t given it any nutes since the 13th of May. The lights are about 14 to 16 inches away. It’s a spider farmer 1000 led. So changing the lights to 14 hours dark is ok? I run the lights all night to try and keep it from getting too hot in the day. I never thought about using ice cubes for hydration. Humidity is usually around 32%. Unless I water of course , then it goes up to the low 40s. 111 where you are? Where in the heck are you? Death Valley? lol. We’re sposed to hit 116 next week. Thx for all the tips Mike, muchly appreciated. Headin out to dinner. Back later

Just next door in Las Vegas…I do lights on (when I use tent) at night as my tent is on my porch and lights off in the day really reduces the temps to a manageable level. No more split units…I won’t pay astronomical cooling bills. Also, one time has a split that was leaking in the wall (condensation) unbeknownst to me…would up with black mold.
You are close enough to harvest that you could do dark for 16 hours…In winter, we do not get much mo re than 7 hrs of usable daylight. I chill water in the fridge to 55° for watering and mix it up with ice cubes only when lights are on. Just let them melt to water the plant/s

so my lights are set to come on at 6pm every night. Usually until 6 am. Then it’s dark all day til 6pm again. I changed em to turn off at 4am now. See what happens. I water when the lights come on in the evening. I’ve been using gallons of distilled water. It’s just one plant in the tent. Seems to dry out completely in two day. So if I chilled my gallon of water in the fridge, use that to water? Then throw some ice cubes on as well? Might keep it hydrated longer eh? Do you use ice cubes to water seedlings as well? I have about 6 healthy little seedlings right now. ABout 3 weeks old. Northern Lights and Green Crack. Seems like 1 ice cube in a solo cup might be just enough water for the seedling. Thanks Mike

no ice cubes for seedlings…ice cubes are tolower soil temps and make the plant think winter is coming so the hormone to MAKE BIG FLOWERS kicks in full force
Increase lights to 14 hrs 10 hours of dark. Each week, increase darkness 1 hour until you have 16 hours of dark, 8 hours of light…for plant close to harvest…to increase bud thickness
Fridge to chill water - works…just not colder than 45° or plant will not take up anything nutritious and we want the P&K up with N down at this time. Water with ice cubes at NIGHT/DARK . If using chilled water, you can water at lights on…not BOTH, one or the other
You can mix nutes and freeze to provide the bloom nutrients…
N makes new growth and halts bud formation. P&K increase buds (bloom type products)

Hi Mike, I took your advice. Thinking that the plant was Just Not Ready. Today is exactly 12 weeks. 84 days in flower. Looks quite different. Here’s a couple pics of up close so you can see the Trichomes. What do ya think?


Looks really great @Friedzeke :+1:

What are your trichomes telling you today?

Hey Khatru, I’m thinking they looked like mixed trikes. This is sposed to be bubba kush. I’m not sure really. But it looks like it’s almost ready for harvest eh? Wgat do you think?

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