Am I growing Autos or Fotos?

Probably one of the more dumber questions posted here.
Here’s the story. At the turn of the year, I started my second indoor crop. I’ve also had an outdoor crop last summer. So, I have some experience. I’ve even grown a Bruce Banner Regular that turned out to be a male.

I went into the frig and got out my seed jar and found a packet of seeds labeled BFV-FP4. I assumed they were Bruce Banner Fast Autos. I think I got them as BOGOs when I was buying other seeds. Way back then, I knew nothing about Autos and Photos and I could have ordered either without thinking about it. At that time, they were “just pot seeds”. :confounded:

My last indoor crop was Strawberry Cheesecake (Autos) - Since my present crop is not showing buds, I started checking the dates of the SBCCs against the photos I take. I was seeing buds very clearly at 40 days!!

I’m at 51 days with my crop of Bruce Banners but I don’t see any buds!! Is there a chance that I am growing Photo Effect thinking they are Autos? Or is this crop taking a long time to turn?

My light schedule is 18/6 which I do for autos all the way through harvest.

I guess, one way to find out is to try and flip them. I can go 12/12. Even if they are Autos, it won’t hurt anything.

Either way, I have no complaints. The plants are flourishing!!
My only concern is that they are swallowing up my 4X4 tent.


Hey @SlingShot nice looking plant! I searched the seed site for BFV-FP4…Buy Bruce Banner Seeds Fast Version | Homegrown Cannabis Co. is what it is! Photoperiod.

So if she’s filling the tent, flip her to 12/12 now. I would give her a trim and train her a bit, maybe even transplant into a bit bigger bucket too. Then watch her take off! Says flower time is 6 to 8 weeks, so ready in late April!

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Okay, thanks for that.
My problem is that I’m growing four!!!

And that’s a problem how? :rofl:
I can fit 4 big plants in my 4x4. Bring them over, I’ll show you where to put them!

Try some lst on them, they’ll fit.

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I need to prune the under canopy. After the clean up, I’ll put the net over them.

I just flipped to 12x12.

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@SlingShot I am growing the same cultivar and flipped to 12/12 today! My goal is to harvest on 4/20. Fun, huh? I don’t know how you grow, but the literature suggests they can really shoot up. I have really limited space so I topped mine a while ago. Good luck and good growing.

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Yes @SlingShot you have photos that package will say BBFVA

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Okay, thanks.
Flipping now

Funny, I told someone the same thing about outgrowing his tent six months ago.

@SlingShot My ambitions outgrew my tent before I even bought it! My wife has to keep me in check, at least on our property. No more than 4, that’s the legal limit!! So that’s all that goes in the tent. Seedlings and cuttings, hopefully she doesn’t realize they DO count towards your limit. Didn’t think a stealth grow would mean hiding things from her too!

I haven’t topped these at all, thinking they were autos.
Should I think about that now? I put them on 12x12 schedule but they have only been under it for two days.
Should I go back to veg. schedule and top to flatten out the canopy?

@SlingShot yeah it won’t stress them too much going back to 18/6 since they haven’t started flowering yet.

Put them back on 18/6 and clean them up. Top, fim, lst, give them a good feeding, and then wait about 1-2 weeks for recovery and to make whatever lst adjustments you need. After that do your flower prep trim and flip to 12/12. Remember you can still clean up the canopy a bit until about the 2nd to 3rd week of flower. After that I wouldn’t do any defoliation or lst adjustment.

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Doing as you say. I got a Sog net over them. They can be a pain in the ass as it turns all my plants into one and pretty much immobilizes everything.
Thanks all of you for your wise recommendations.

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@SlingShot Here is my mailing package and receipt. It seems you have some Bruce Banner Fast Version seeds, same as I’m growing right now. They look great! Can’t wait to see how they turn out, both yours and mine. Especially mine! :grin:

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The race is on! May the best plant win.


@SlingShot Oh yeah! Its on. What parameters are we talking about?

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Mine was just a rhetorical challenge.
You guys know so much more than me that I’m happy to walk in your shadows.


@SlingShot Yeah, me too. With me only having one plant, and it being smaller, I can’t think of a way of judging anyway. I think that when is all said and done, and we’re rolling up our buds that we both will be winners!

I know top and lst, but what is fim?

It stand’s for f$$k i missed @Darodguy but not sure who come up with it some one went to top a plant and missed that is where the phrase come from if you fim the plant above where you top you can get up to 3or4 tops

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