AeroGarden Grow week 9+ (until harvest time)

@Mrb53004 @Kimmyann253 one word, horse gave me a back “Acke” but we got Mountain Meds and Coffee. the coffee is so i can get up and walk this back acke off. (instant thought): wondering silently if 2nd dose of Moderna Vaccine got me in the back because Tuesday next day i felt worse than after a long day ride. :laughing: Tip Fixxing that was the same

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Ok. Let’s see if I can post some pics. Taken just this morning.

Ugh!!! I’m cropping the crap out of this pic and it’s still “too big”. If I crop any more you won’t be able to see much. This is ridiculous

Does anyone know how to contact the administrators of this forum to complain about this issue?? I’ve scrolled everywhere on this site and there’s no “contact us” or whatever.


Don’t ask me, I normally just start random complaining as it occurs to me on a thread. I guess I’ll just have to engage my imagination. Now we are in trouble.


Me too can’t upload no pictures whatever you have done hgc can you turn it back to how it was before you broke it thanks

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@Kimmyann253 take your pics from far back Then Chop or Crop to 1:1 :slightly_smiling_face:

:thinking: with Molasses


Holy crap!!! They let me upload pics with ease. Lol. Just an update for you all. Sorry, I know it’s been a bit. Still growing. Still waiting on the trichomes to mature. Nothing too much happening. Now I’m getting antsy cuz I can’t wait until harvest.


They look beautiful! :v:t2: :heart_eyes:

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I forgot to tell you, kick back on the nutrients…let her start to use up the nutrients from the leaves…cut your nutrient level in half…and chill the water a little. Cut off some of the LARGER fan leaves…we really only need the SUGAR leaves at this point

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I was having problems with loading photos too…I can’t remember who,but they were using an app called “Image Size”… I use the app now to load photos on this site…Easy Peezy

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I took this up with the site admin and it appears to have been resolved…images need to be below 4m (4096kb)

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Well idk what happened but I’m able to just choose a pic a took and send. Idk what size the pics I take are. I’m just glad they fixed it :heart_eyes:

@Mrb53004 I did cut back on the nutes following that feeding schedule. I was trimming her a little the other day after I fixed that one branch. Was wondering if I should do more so thanks for letting me know that. At this point I’m wondering if I should just add straight water to her instead of nutrient infused water. Like stop changing the water and let her go on whatever nutrients are still in the water. Idk, what do you think??

Also, when do I flush her?? When the trichomes start showing some amber or when they get cloudy??

@Wildbill. Wish I heard about that sooner. Lol. Guess better late than never.

when they get cloudy…
how often do you charge the water?
continue to add fresh COLD water (like 50°) as the water level goes down
and I would say YES to no more nutes…we want to see the leaves start to show degradation so we know the flowers are pulling their nutritional requirements from the plant, not the water

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I’m supposed to change the water weekly as per the guide but that didn’t always happen. Life and laziness get in the way sometimes. Lol. I just change the water yesterday so the nutes are fresh but like half of what I’ve been giving her.

Alright. I have a game plan now. No more nutes and use cold water. Trim the big leaves leaving just the sugar leaves. Check and adjust the light cycle. Now I’m getting excited again. Feels like things are happening now. Thanks!!!

Okie dokie. Trimmed and hydrated. pH is in range. Lights are on a 8/16 on/off schedule.

@Mrb53004 i didn’t want to trim her too much and shock her. Should I do more?? I do still have some fan leaves.

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NO MORE TRIMMING…It is ok to leave a little grass…we do not need to mow the lawn down… :wink:
I see we are getting some COLOR and trikes are filling in…you can drop ice cubes in the tray to bring down the temp a little…

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Ok. Glad I didn’t go overboard this time. Lol. What will the ice cubes do??

add more color, develop the terpines more (flavor, odor, effects), thicken (how’s this word - "“ADD GIRTH”) the buds.
Maybe time to stop nutrients and just go with plain water so the plant starts using the nutrition within the fan leaves

You should start thinking about DRYING…it is a procedure. Are you experienced? :smiling_imp:

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Hehe. I like girth :smirk:. I will stop the nutes.

Drying while it’s still planted?? I might be experienced in a lot of things but that’s not one. Lol. How does that work??

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HAHA…Oh you are so funny
Just get prepared to begin the drying process, you are not far away
2 days of darkness before you cut it down
We trim all the fan leaves (those are the BIG leaves), leave the sugar leaves (the tiny leaves and leaves on the buds)
we want a COLD dry…like 50°…should take about 10 days MINIMUM…this is where we get the BEST taste, odor, smooth smoking buds from…
Then the sugar leaves get trimmed (use for edibles / tinctures -needs to have Decarboxylation)
Cure for 3 weeks to 6 months…Oh my…so much more waiting…you can smoke it but the longer you cure it, the better it gets. I have stuff I have been curing almost a year. The Lemon Haze I sent you was only 2 weeks old…