5 gal. breathable what to fill with auto flower

Thank you for any help or advice.
I grow indoor cob light I built a while back, harvest and cook cannabis to control my health issues. I am able to consume one or two tsp amount a day and it gets me through the day. seems to be a good way to use as little as possible, so supply lasts long time.
I usually use kind soil. But not always available. Can you help me find other soil options that are similar easy to use and all ?
I do around 15 ,5 gal. breathable at a time.

You would probably be better off making your own. There are several recipes, depending on your wants/needs. Several people here have been playing around with that. Oh and welcome to the forum @afid


Happy frog? Its a pretty good soil that can “carry” a plant for a while.

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Thanks for help.
I get confused on making soil. It always seemed to complicated and I don’t like to fail with my seed, so I was lucky to use the kind soil in the past. But I have never found anything similar in cost and all.
How do I figure out how many different products, amounts, and all for 15 five gallon pots?
I might make a mixing mistake and waste my plant. I don’t even understand some of the wording in recipe making, so its possible to screw up.
Can you tell me where to start looking at soil recipe for auto flower?

I use fox farm ocean forest

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In past I put the kind soil in then coco loco then warrior starter at top for seed.
Are you saying a auto flower can do well with just happy frog, or ocean forest only. fill 5 gal. pots.

Here’s my recipe if you’re interested. It’s pretty simple, it’s really just based on standard potting mix ratios. It can take you from seed to harvest - no special layering or anything needed.

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Id recommend Big Rootz ftw. Fox farms ocean forest is descent as well. Welcome to the forum!! Happy growing!!

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Thanks. I am still trying to figure out options. I like to keep it simple no hassle. like kindsoil. I need to learn to make my own, I hope one of these recipe will be in my future.

Would it make a good soil if happy frog, ocean forest, and big rootz were all mixed even amounts in 5 gal. pot ? auto flower. 24hr. light.