Your prefered lighting?

I’ve used hps and cfl in the past that worked great. I’m running an hlg 600 r spec in my flower tent. Was just curious what yall are working with.


ChilLED Growcraft x6 600w, driver mounted outside of the tent. I really like the modular design of it. I want to add on their spectrum control system once that comes out.


I can’t imagine building a home grow with anything other than LEDs nowadays. My little 27x27x72 tent with spider Farmer sf1000 is all the light they need. Running 18/6 all month, electricity is not even worth mentioning. My bill might be $5 or $10 above last year when I wasn’t growing, for a month of light and fans and a small dehumidifier at times. The composition of the light, the dimmer, and the very little amount of heat all justify the cost. It’s the way.


Hey @CurrDogg420 I have Spider Farmer 2000 & I want to remove the driver & mount outside my tent. What do I remove to unhook it? Thanks

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I don’t have that model, but it doesn’t look too difficult. You’ll need some electrical tools and a sacrificial extension cord (14 gauge).

There are some screws that attach it to a mounting bracket, and some more that attach the bracket to the board. Leave the driver attached to the bracket, and unscrew the bracket from the board.

Next you’ll need to cut the cord that runs between the board and the driver so you can splice in the new extension cord to make it longer. Cut it right in the middle or just be sure to leave enough cord on either side so you have enough to work with.

You’ll need wire nuts or some other type of wire connectors, wire strippers, and some electrical tape. Just make sure to keep your colors straight: the red wire should connect to the red wire and black to black. Depending on the extension cord you use, the wires may be different colors, so just be sure not to get the wires crossed.

I found a YouTube video that might be helpful:

Thanks, that was perfect. I did that to my microwave. Thst will definitely help reduce my heat issues.