Worm Castings Usage

First grow in decades here. Plants are ~6 weeks into veg. Please forgive me but, they are in Miracle Grow potting soil. I transferred them in 5 gallon pots although prolly only 4gal of soil. They have been topped. I have taken the very large leaves to expose and they look fantastic. I have not watered enough to have it drain out of the buckets to this point. No overwatering here. So they have not received any extra food yet other than tap water. I do have a ph tester and will test the drain water and adjust accordingly. I have some worm castings and not sure how to use it. I plan on flipping next week. The soil is ready for a good watering and again the plants look prefect. Should I incorporate in the top or make tea? Should I not use anything until they “ask” for it? I try not to overthink things as this is just a weed at this point. It’s the flower and finish that I expect more challenges.

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If you have worm castings, use them…both methods work. High in N, as a topping, scrape some into the upper layer…as a tea, brew, aerate, add some molasses, maybe even epson salts and crushed calcium (egg shells)…little steamed milk and you have a great foliar spray, tea…watch the ph. Molasses tensd to lower ph in soil…kelp will help balance that out. Asa foliar spray, you do not have to be that careful on the ph…(as long as >4 <11)…calcium, mag, kelp, N…absorbed better through leaves than soil


If you just transplanted them they’ll probably have enough food for a couple weeks in the new soil. Supplementing with worm castings as a top dressing or tea won’t hurt a thing though.

Check out “Mr Canuck’s Grow” on YouTube. He does organic grows in soil. He’d wait until week 3-4 of flower to feed (with worm castings and 2-8-4) and then let them cruise to the finish line.


I think I will do a top dressing when I water next time and flip. Today I gave each a half gallon of water and still nothing leaked out the bottom so I would think there are plenty of nutes available at this point. Thanks for the details Mike and will look for the YouTube links CurrDogg420.


I mixed miracle grow potting mix with 3 handfuls worm casings 3 handfuls of organic cow manure and put my 4 in peat pot starters in that then gave them a ittle fish fertilizer till flowering,they look great.tried to post pics but wouldn’t post said files are too big

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Got to make pictures smaller before it will some have to get app to make them smaller @Franko