Will the 2 lights I have now work in new closet?

I am moving my grow tent into a 7.5’ L x 2.0’ W x 9.0’ H closet.

I plan to grow 3 plants. All autos.

Are these lights strong enough for autos and photos?

Should I add another?

  1. AC Infinity IONBOARD S33, Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Board, 3x3 ft. with Deeper Penetration Samsung LM301B Diodes, Dimmable Lighting, for Veg Bloom Indoor Plants in Grow Tents Greenhouses

  2. HLG 65 LED 4K

I’ve tried the formulas and this is not something my mind wants to work on.

Any help is appreciated.

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Hang two s24’s and let us know how it goes!! Those are pricey lights. Id love to know how they work tho. And not sure what formulas you are referring to. But a couple 100$ sf1000’s would produce all the pot youd probably need out of that tent. Spend that extra dough on IPM

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I too thought immediately that a pair of sf1000lights ganged to one controller would be perfect. I have one of those, and if I were to do a cabinet that size, that’d be my plan.

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@deborahmarie369 man that’s a tough choice. HLG is a great brand but so is ac infinity.

I’d personally probably go ac infinity though because autos would benefit from full spectrum. It’s more convenient not switching lights out between veg and flower if you don’t have a veg tent and a flower tent. It’s also pretty tough with autos to decide when to change spectrum because a lot of them continue vegetative growth and need those blues even when they start flowering.

HLG usually has their lights dialed to either veg or flower spectrums and I haven’t seen a full spectrum light from them yet. They might have one on the market now but I’m not personally aware of them. They’re amazing if you have a separate veg and flower space though.


That ACInfinity light was over $200. I’d really like to use it. :laughing: I can’t find what sf it is.

And the HLG light came with a grow tent kit I bought.

I see a 2x4 ACInfinity on Amazon. If I added that to the other ACInfinity, the closet would light up.

And I could use the HLG to grow broccoli. :slight_smile:

Someone needs to start a place to buy and exchange all this equipment we buy and change out. :laughing:

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@deborahmarie369 I looked up that HLG light and it’s one of their veg lights. Definitely would be great for broccoli with all the blues.

The ac infinity light you mentioned would definitely be much better for cannabis.

As far as the exchange there are some sites but I usually go old school word of mouth for that so I wouldn’t know where to tell you to look other than Craig’s list or ebay. :joy:

@deborahmarie369 Sf1000 is spider farmer but vivosun or mars pretty much everybody uses same diods i believe. Yeah the sf 1000 use LM301b diods (218) same as ac infinity (640)… pretty sure it all comes from the same shelf…bet the ac infinity runs cooler though. Spider farmers get fairly hot for thier size. Somebody should do a side by side heat and par. 200 dollar difference between vivosun and ac infinity. Just food for thought…

If I had a chance to do a completely new set up, and budget wasn’t too tight, I’d go A C Infinity end to end.

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I like this ACInfinity light. I will contact the company next week for advice.

I was serious about the broccoli. I ordered vegetable seeds. I may turn this extra bedroom into a grow my own room. I can put a window AC in so that is my next step. And getting a water filter on my sink so I can have plant and fish water.

I seem to have a knack for this. Go figure. :rofl:

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Thanks for the info on the HLG light. I understand the difference now.

@deborahmarie369 I had to go back thru this one and apologize. I guess I was too high lol. Didn’t realize you already owned the ac infinity light. How do you like it? Do you have the equipment for par and temp? If so it would be cool to do a side by side grow and compare a couple lights… an old faithful and a new fancy one. Id donate a SF1000 if you be interested in doing it and posting results on here. Could be fun… any interest? Anyhow, happy grows and enjoy!

there’s lights like mars hydro which prior i was using 2 blurples which done good but wanted to upgrade to a mars hydro FCE 3000 which resulted in a lot of heat. use caution

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temp is the least concerns as long it’s not 90 or higher, I read a lot of articles & grows resulting in temperature Ed Rosenthal said himself as a grower for over 60 yrs. temperature is not an issue, if you can handle the temperature the plants can too, if the plants get too hot they have spores on their leaves to release excess water

I tend to agree with you for the most part. I personally don’t get too excited about heat until flower. I like to keep it cool and seasonal then if for no other reason then just to see if the plant will produce pretty colors. Also for terpenes… I believe temp plays a roll in terpene production and preservation. I will say I’ve seen excessive heat herm more plants then almost anything else though. This is just in my limited experience.


in my days of growing I kept the temp around 75 - 85 for the most part until I pickred up the FCE 3000 which raised the heat from lower 80s to almost 90 degrees which thakfully it has a dimmer so i dimmed them down to 50% & put them closer to the plants, back in 1992 I grew a plant in a 2 x 2 walk in closet, had to take the clothes out & put a table a HPS lamp & had a go, it grew quite well, until it wanted to flower but I threw it out, not a good idea to let it flower in the closet so the smell can go throughout the complex in the vents & a state cop livng above me,which the ac in the house will pretty much keep the temp at bay, look at it this way when cannabis is grown outdoors the temperature gets over a 100 at times, sometimes colder than usual, they adapt

I look at it like this… take an athlete for example. The nutrition…training all the work that goes into fostering the perfect environment for growth and improvement. Yeah the athlete probably has great genetics and can do as it pleases. But the perfect environment allows the athlete to perform better and grow faster. These plants are no different. Take two seeds presumably exactly the same in every way… And put one in the perfect environment… one just throw it out the window. Both will probably grow… but . Wich are you going to want to smoke? Probably the one that was grown in the perfect environment. Mayby not? But I’d bet you would. If its not true then dispensaries wouldn’t be getting 70 f ing dollars for an 1/8 of flower. If you want premium flower you need to treat them like athletes. These LEDS make them work so hard! They need the best possible environment to not stress out or get injured. Right?


I like the ACInfinity much more than the HLG, but it is only a vegging lamp. No more equipment than the light.

My grow garden is evolving. I have adapted a bedroom into an office and grow room. I enjoy being with them. Lol. And I’m exploring growing veggies. Zucchini for the plecos and me.

So, would I be interested in a comparison? Maybe. This is not a grow tent, just a corner of a room I have converted. I keep the windows covered with black curtains and have a carbon room filter for smell. I run the lights during the day. 18/6 Temps are falling daily, so high temps are no longer an issue.

I have 1 DoSi in seedling stage and a Rainbow Zest (photo) sprouting. The plan was to put RZ under the HLG light and run it vegging until the DoSi (auto) finishes. Then put it under the ACI and flip to 12/12 flower.

I’m always high. Lol

This HLG is for veg only. It was sold with a 2x2 tent kit. The company did say it could be used for both in such a small tent.

Now that I know what to look for I will definitely treat them like athletes. These plants do require an investment of time, energy, and resources to get the best. I’m not after quantity, although that is a factor. I am much more about the effects of the plant when I consume it. Like a vegetable.

I’ll spend the winter growing, then take a break next summer.