White widow germination seeds

Interested in white widow. Does anyone have experience with this seed. ? Grow, Health. feed… and… last… effects. ?

@Ron I grew Photo White Widow in dirt off of clones and once in my hydro set up. She grows well and generates a ton of trichomes. I currently have a auto White Widow growing and she does not grow like the other 2 grows but this is auto and not photo like before.

@Ron white widow is a hardy bushy plant that grows fairly quickly. Flowers in 8-10 weeks. It isn’t really picky about feeding but will require heavy feedings in late veg and in mid flower. The effects all depend on when you harvest it. All milky white trichomes will give you an uplifting energetic high with a boost to creativity and focus with some audio and visual distortion with a mild body high good for minor aches and pains. 10% amber or more it becomes less energetic but will still be uplifting and creative with increased focus but the pain killing effects will be greater and it can help with sleep.

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So glad to find this post. How Many White Widow Autos can grow in a 3 x 5 tent? My sister started too many without thinking :crazy_face: too many as in 6 - and she lives in a condominium, a very small condo. I have 1 WWA started 2/10/22 and 1 WWA harvest soon, and 1 WHR feminized started 2/20/22 all in DWC (bubble buckets).

@daletta she’ll be fine with 6 in a 3x5 as long as she has good airflow. You can do sea of green with WWA packed in 1 per square foot even if you wanted as long as you have proper airflow. White widow is fairly resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations and has good mold resistance. Even though it gets bushy as long as you don’t keep everything soaking wet it won’t mold. Just give them a nice trim under the canopy right before they flower (or just as preflower starts with autos) and feed right after you trim. They won’t stunt if you give them a heavy feed and it will be easier to maintain as they flower along with giving you some better airflow.

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Thank you so much! I am using Bubble Buckets (DWC). I haven’t tried soil, seems difficult. I haven’t done sea of green yet, I’m not sure how, but I’m still going to try. Hope and pray I succeed :pray: And I welcome any good advice as I am still new - here (in this forum) and, growing. So again thank you thank you thank you

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Why is my PH low all of a sudden to 4.4? Help please :crazy_face:

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@daletta dwc? What nutrients and what stage of growth?

I’m using bubble buckets. She’s in week 3 of Bloom. Flora Micro 13.2 Gro 13.2 and Bloom 19
DWC Deep Water Culture

@daletta sounds like they’re eating up all the calmag, potassium, and phosphorus leaving behind the nitrogen. I’d personally increase the pk in your feed a bit and that will help stabilize pH too. As the plant uses the potassium and calcium/magnesium the pH will lower because the plant isn’t using as much nitrogen.

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Wow that sounds good to me - I’ll check back in with update. Thank you so much for the help, hope I don’t annoy too much :roll_eyes:

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@daletta I’d also cut back a smidgen on the gro. I know that system says to use them together but with your pH lowering like that the excess nitrogen it will slow and stunt flower. How much of the micro, gro, and bloom are you using?

It’s me again and this time with pictures .

water temp 62F water level is 3" from bottom of net pot roots same color as nutrients I’ve never flushed as advised, but now I’m thinking I HAVE TO and should I use Flawless Finish?

@daletta I’ve never used flawless finish but a fresh mix won’t hurt. You should always change your water and clean your lines/buckets when changing your nutrient solution. I wouldn’t flush yet either. Looks like you still have over two weeks left of flower and flush is the last 7-14 days before harvest.

So what do I do if I can’t flush? She was great in appearance just 12 hours ago - low pH is for 5 or 6 days now and today 5.28. :confused:

If I were you I would try putting a half stick of chalk, or 2 clam shells, or a half fist hunk of limestone right down into your reservoirs. They will release bicarbonates and stabilize your ph. If you dont overdo it it should just raise your PH to the 6 range. I would pull it out and put a smaller piece in if the ph goes to 7.0 or above. I have found the plants love pulling carbon from the roots as much as co2 in the air.

You must have soft water, I do too and have the crashing chronic ph issue. I do this all the time in live plant aquariums. The slow dissolve nature of the stick of chalk, clam shells, or limestone/dead coral works to your advantage here. Anything designed for plants would work too fast (or well) to be helpful. Those will make your ph spike too high. The slow dissolve here is the way to go; trust me.

The only thing that I have seen is if you have a chunk in the bucket reservoir at about 14 days bioslime will coat the bicarbonates source. I usually soak it in h202 for a couple hours when I clean out the res or aquarium filter. That will get off the bioslime easy.

@daletta increase flower and micro and decrease your grow. It will raise pH and your leaves will lighten a bit as flower progresses. You’re far enough into flower now you shouldn’t be using a lot of your gro.

@daletta also, liquid kelp works as pH up and is compatible with most nutrient systems so it won’t cause issues. Use about a tsp at a time until pH is in range.