White widow germination seeds

Interested in white widow. Does anyone have experience with this seed. ? Grow, Health. feed… and… last… effects. ?

@Ron I grew Photo White Widow in dirt off of clones and once in my hydro set up. She grows well and generates a ton of trichomes. I currently have a auto White Widow growing and she does not grow like the other 2 grows but this is auto and not photo like before.

@Ron white widow is a hardy bushy plant that grows fairly quickly. Flowers in 8-10 weeks. It isn’t really picky about feeding but will require heavy feedings in late veg and in mid flower. The effects all depend on when you harvest it. All milky white trichomes will give you an uplifting energetic high with a boost to creativity and focus with some audio and visual distortion with a mild body high good for minor aches and pains. 10% amber or more it becomes less energetic but will still be uplifting and creative with increased focus but the pain killing effects will be greater and it can help with sleep.