White spots are appearing all over one plant?

Is this some kind of fungus or bug problem?
It is just about time to harvest this plant.
It is getting worse and tuning a bud brown at the top.
Any help would be great? Thank you!

@13johnst13 that looks like botrytis and pm. Definitely a fungus problem. Chop that plant and get it out of the room before it infects the others. If the buds are already rotting there’s no saving it.


That’s what I was afraid of. To save all the good buds I’ll strip everything that has the spots and start drying right a way. I have too many other plants in that grow room. Lucky I have a new one coming next week. I will then spray all the plants and clean out the bad grow room and start over in that room with some new AK47 seeds I just started. Sound good?\

@13johnst13 if you have other plants going I’d just toss the infected one. Bag it up and throw it away or burn it. Then clean your grow room really good.

It’s not worth the risk to smoke bud infected with bud rot because it can make you really sick.

If you have a clean grow room going totally start the ak47 in there. If you don’t have a clean one wait until you clean the one you have and disinfect all of your tools and fans. Botrytis can even infect seeds and kill them before they even finish germination. They’ll just turn into gray/brown mush.


What causes this? Too much moisture?

@GrnyGrows too much moisture/high rh with lower temps is the biggest contributing factor but you can get it from introducing something that’s infected into your grow room as well. Clones/seedlings/seeds/new equipment/infected soil or substrates. You can even bring it in on your clothes.

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I took out the plant with the fungus and killed it. Well then I sprayed a fungus killer and we had had over 6 inches of rain in the last 3 days so I put on 2 more fans to help dry out the container I have my grow rooms in to help with moisture. I am starting 10 new seeds in a fresh room they are northern lights and hoping the other room with 2 big white widow plants in buds. I hope for the best with the new plan.


@13johnst13 do you have any dehumidifiers going? Sounds like one would be beneficial. Hell, even the rock salt buckets are a big help if you have a few 5 gallon buckets and a bag of rock salt on hand.

Well the rain stopped and I have the fan blowing inside the grow room and 2 more fans blowing out side but still in the container and have dried it all out. Where I am living for the last 20 some years on the island of Roatan off the coast of Honduras it is always very humid here until July and August when it is very dry here. I wish I could grow outside but someone stole my plants last year so I don’t want to risk that again.

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Good luck and good growing. Keep fighting the good fight. Blessings.

Those are some scary looking leaves. Sorry to see it. I had bud rot on my first grow last year. As with you, we get torrential rains. We just got 4" in two days last week. Of course, the RH is through the roof even in my tent.

We went to Belize about 7 years ago. Stayed in Placencia but went on a tour by boat to the Monkey River. Our guide pulled out a dooby and I don’t remember anything after that!!! I awoke in the cabana so I guess I did everything okay. That was the most stoned I have ever been.


Same thing happened to me in Venezuela in the jungle on the Oronoco River Peacock Bass fishing. The next day we went to catch piranha and all I could do was laugh. God bless us, every one.

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It affects strawberries readily. If I leave strawberries in my frig for too long, they always develop this rot eventually. I just cut off the infected part and eat the strawberries parts immediately lol.

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Well I guess it is time to cut down the 5 more plants that are budding and are starting to have the hairs turning brown and before they get the fungus too. I just received my second 4X4 grow tent.
I am starting out fresh with new seeds and taking apart my first tent and scrubbing it down completely with a germ fighting solution.

@13johnst13 the pistils turning colors is normal. As long as the bract/calyx is still a healthy color and you don’t see any signs of mold/fungus you should be alright.