Where has kronic been?!

Hey everyone! So I got super busy with filming, editing, and most importantly transplanting and caring for all these pretty ladies - I’ve got 2 Kyle Kushman Strains, Skywalker OG and Sweet Island, 2 Steve DeAngelo Alien OG, and 2 Nikki and Swami Strains, Lemon OG and Taangie. All feminized, all from Homegrown Cannabis Co’s Cultivars With Character line. My Fiancée has some tiny ones going as well from HGCC.

How is everyone’s day going? :slight_smile:


It must be something in the air…a metaphysical thing. Many of us are in the same position…the transference stage…out with the old, in with the new. A new season, a new joy…
Question for you…I have been working on a nano Particle colloidal micelle solution for mites / gnats / bugs and one of the side effects is ELIMINATING MILDEW and Cleansing… It is organic100% organic. Non-gmo. There’ s a trace amount of potassium bicarbonate (wine reduction agent) for ph adjustment, but less than .001% by volume. The mold and cleansing capabilities are a “value added” accompaniment, even and especially airborne…I use it to wash, I have not had mold issues to deal with but our development site cured it (before it tunneled through the bud/s). When I have a FULL DRYING session and/or high humidity, I spray the harvest to prevent mold during dry time. Another byproduct is protection from weather extremes, they “attract” water by their very nature (hydrophillic) so that’s going to help keep the plant moist during times of drought and heat stress, and they effectively lower the freezing point. (more concentration, lower it even more) So instead of ice forming on the surface of the leaves at say 32f, it’s going to be 20, or 10, or perhaps as low as 0, depending on the concentration, much like antifreeze works.
Use is about 15ml per gal of water…foliar spray, drench solution for washing, watering solution for soil-borne infestations / temperature protection. The effigy for mold is around 2 weeks. I am seeking test beds (documentation required) before I cough up the $$ to take it to the labs…Do you thin you could use some?


Looks beautiful, @Kronic. :v:t2: :star_struck:


@Mrb53004 that’s definitely something I’d be interested in testing out. I have fungus gnats like any soil grower so I usually just use my gnat traps but if that’s organic and it helps with all of that I’m very very interested. I document heavily so that’s no issue. Message me more details :slight_smile:

@kmac03 thank you so much! :smiley:


I sent you a PM…did you get it? Email me at [email protected], give me address and I will pack some up for you


Hey I just saw this @Mrb530048 I’ll email today!

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Just checking…still want it?
[email protected]

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@Mrb53004 im testing it today!!! I’m so stoked! Going to make a video on it. Doing 1 drop per gallon :slight_smile:

? 1 drop pr gl?
recommended 15ml p gal mold / light gnat infestation
mold - spray surfaces / leaves
Gnats - most gnats / larvae live within the upper levels of substrate. You need to insure you get that soil surface treated (spray or drench)
bad mold / bad insect infestations - 30ml per gallon of water
I reduce to my quart spray bottle…1/4 or 1/2 depending on seriousness of the situation
Adult gnats are not affected but dies off in a few days. Larvae start to die within hours
I use a shallow watering for gnats
Washing - you can submerge plant in a shallow pan to CLEANSE
Drying - I spray buds prior to (after trimming) hanging to prevent mold
I now dry at 50-55° f and Rh 55-60%…no mold. Have used on THICK BUDS (GDP & G13) successfully
Thanks Kronic

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Sorry I meant 15 ml… I shouldn’t type when I first wake up Hahahaha :rofl::joy: @Mrb53004 thank you for the breakdown. I’m so pumped though, none of it spilled and it came in nice :slight_smile:

I tried… The only thing I do when I first wake up is COFFEE…the world doesn’t start until after that
Then it is OK to be confused for the rest of the day

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@Mrb53004 hahaha yea the hamster that’s supposed to be running on his wheel up there was fast asleep when I wrote that first comment :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: oh man it’s so funny how morning routines really help us wake up