When to harvest WW and AK 47

Having trouble deciding when to begin the flush with straight water, and then harvest. White widow is the second pic and AK 47 is the first.
A majority of the pistils on AK are amber. The trichomes are pretty white on top.
Most of the pistils on the WW are starting to turn amber, except the ones on the very top. They are just starting to change. What to do?!!


Looking good @GSD !

The pistils will change colors before the trichomes.

Use this reference chart.

You’ll need to get a scope or jewelers loupe to get a good look at the trichomes.

Just going by looking at buds, they look like they are still putting on weight. When the pistols are mostly red, then read the plant. I been growing WW auto for my last 4 or 5 grows. I had a Hugh one . 7 and .25 Oz. They will consume themselves also at the end.

I would like to add my own input as I don’t really rely on reading trichomes, instead I look at the plant for the most part.
The pistils will start to turn color as well and I have found that when the pistils start to recede to the bud and the leaves start to naturally turn color that they are very close to ready. Yours look like they need about 4 to 6 more weeks.
Also, you have some major deficiency going on which is what is possibly stunting your plant growth. In particular it looks like a nitrogen deficiency, so I hope you are not continuing to feed your plants nitrogen during flower as it is no longer required. With such little info from you as far as what soil, nutrients, lighting, etc. I cannot help you further

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