When to fertilize while using Coast of Maine soil

I am using Coast of Maine - Bar Harbor Blend. I have read that some people wait 2 or 3 weeks to begin using nutrients with Fox Farm. Should I do the same with Coast of Maine - Bar Harbor Blend?

Also, they used half dosage while following the feeding chart.

Does this work if using Coast of Maine (soil) with Roots Organic Terp Tea and Roots Organic Bloom (nutes)?

coast-main roots roots2

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Looks.like ur set.Man u should be good all way though tell harvest would think.

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First off I would like to say I have never heard of this soil, but thanks for bringing it up. This is just an initial glance but it is most def an expensive soil…but that doesn’t mean anything. Looks to me like there is peat in it which is good depending on the peat. There are also other beneficial things in this soil although I don’t know where the lobster comes into play. It has perlite for drainage etc as most soils do. It is sketchy to me that they don’t list any of the percentages on the bag. Also I don’t see anything in the ingredients that would lead me to believe it is true organic. Though I am still learning the biometrics of growing.
Seems like you have a 711 grow fert that could be top dressed or used as a tea. Depending on your process of inoculation you have to be careful of how much you use. It is also suggested you use the bloom when you flip the lights though I only looked for a few minutes. And also can be top dressed or tea.
My opinion is to look a little bit more into the soil you are using…the 7-1-1 may be fine if there is enough calcium phosphorus and potassium in the soil to counteract the lack of in your feed. In essence you are going to be growing weak plants.
Maybe mix a bit of both at first, obviously less of the bloom. I really want to help you more but I am still trying to master my fox fam nutes.

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Thank you for your insight. Is it possible you could link to the fox farm nutes you use so I can purchase?

I know you are probably using Grow Big and Tiger Bloom, but what about Foxfarm Soluble Nutrient Trio: Open Sesame, Cha Ching & Beastie Bloomz? Are there any others you add?

I never used costal maine but it is in the top 5 of Soil used for weed: you will be ok in my opinion but listen to what your plants are telling you: Nutes can get expensive trying to grab all they say to give them! I had a shelf of liquid nutes fox farm being part of it. I switched to a simpler method like Jack’s 3-2-1. Same amount from start to finish. I use Rootz trio with sensi cal/mag


I used to use all kinds of the FF products but have been dropping more and more out as I have finally about dialed everything in. I still have a bit of tweeking to do and playing but after 1 1/2 years this is what I use:

For Seedlings: I use a 50/50 mix of FF Light Warrior (Seed Starter) and FF Strawberry Fields, I typically transfer my seedlings to their final 5 gallon fabric pots at the beginning of week 4 from germination.

For Transplant to 5 gallon I use A mix of 1 bag FF Strawberry Fields (call it 50% of the mix), about quarter bag of FF Soil Conditioner (call it 20%), about a 30% mix in of Harvest Hero Perlite, and then I also add 10 tbsp of Garden Lime to help balance out the ph of the soil as I have had nothing but problems with lockout from low ph in FF soil. This seemed to cure it.

Watering: I water every day or every other day depending on the plants needs. I do not water to run off so I usually only give a half gallon of water to each plant and adjust based on the plants needs.

Feeding: I rotate weeks, I do what I consider a heavy feeding one week…then a light feeding the next. I do this until harvest. I do not flush at harvest though a at week 8 and usually 12 if they make it that far I add in FF Sledgehammer to my feeding to help break down the salts in the soil. I also don’t start feeding my plants extra nutrients until week 6 and could probably go longer as there are still plenty of nutes from the soil available, but I like to push my plants.

Nutes: (I will just do volume for one plant at 1/2 gallon feeding)

So, let’s call it heavy feeding week:
FF Big Bloom (OMRI Listed 0 -.5 -.7) 1 TBS
FF Tiger Bloom (2 - 8 - 4) (I am phasing this out currently as it is not necessary anymore, adding 1/2 tsp atm)
FF Bushdoctor Bemb’e (0 - 1 - 3) 1/2 TBS
FF Bushdoctor Cal-Mag (OMRI Listed 1 - 0 - 0) 1/2 tsp
FF Bushdoctor Microbe Brew (1 - .3 - .2) 1 tsp
Then if between week 6 and 8 I use FF Open Sesame (5 - 45 - 19) 1/4 tsp
Between week 8 and 11 I use FF Beastie Blooms (0 - 50 - 30) 1/4 tsp
And week 11 beyond I use FF Cha Ching (9 - 50 - 10) 1/4 tsp till harvest
(I often have to change the length of usage depending on where my plants are at in life cycle because I have had plants go 17 weeks before from stressing them too bad)

Note: The more you stress your plant…the longer it is going to take to finish! Facts!

For a Light week which would be the following:
FF Big Bloom 1 TBS
FF Cal-Mag 1/2 tsp
And either open sesame, beastie blooms, or cha ching as listed above.

I always PH my water to a 6.5 to 6.8 using FF Cultivation Nation PH up
Only time I use PH down is regular waterings in between the feedings.

Here are some of my more recent results, buds are so dense and heavy that the branches cannot hold them up anymore:

Even my first Photoperiod loves my new ways


@HansGruber - awesome post. Thank you!


Nobody I am watching or reading about is currently or in the past actually promoting FF material. I am a believer, so I set to prove all these people wrong. In fact most people bash FF, but I think they don’t understand how to use it…or I am the idiot pretending I do.

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