When should I change the light cycle?

Wondering when I should switch to flower, the plants seem to be growing nicely, there are about 2 ft tall now, they are orange velvet X Cinderella 99 fem plants. They were planted on July 9th. I just transplant them from 2-5 gal fabric containers. I know I should wait a week before switching them after transplant, but not sure if I should wait a little longer. Thanks in advance for your advice.

If space, (height and width) aren’t an issue for you, feel free to switch at your convenience. Just be sure to top and defol as needed.

If you are in a tent, work backwards…tent height, light height, 12-18 inches from top of light to top of plant…sativa - 1.5 to 3 feet stretch, Indica about 12-18 inch, autoflowers around 1 foot, maybe 18inch
This is where Jram tells you to train them to keep that space between top of the plants and the light
if outside, nevermind


I’m not exactly sure how to do that. I did watch several of the videos on this site but I don’t believe it showed anything about topping the plants.

My tent is 80” tall so I should be ok. This is my first grow, but so far things are looking good. I tried to post a picture but it said the file was to large.

this is topping / fimming

LST (bending) is another episode… :smirk:

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You probably don’t want them getting any bigger than 5’-5.5’ then. I’m guessing with lights all the way at top you are at around 6’. There should be plenty of info in-site on how to top and fim. Here is a link to provide some info about it. What to expect after topping/fimming

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you have to be on a while to send pics and if they are too big, they will not go
then you either have to do a drive share like google drive or open with MS PAINT, home, reduce size, change to 90, then 80 until pic is less than 4mb