What's ya feed at ,?

What and how high do u feed ya cannabis plants ??? I no they all lil different but there is a round about about what ppm and what scale do u use ?

I use the 500 scale and I never go over a thousand parts per million ever

All organic here, i load the soil before the start, then a nice top dress at light switch or pre-flower if a auto! The idea is to never run out from start to finish! No ph or run off needed :yin_yang:


Even organic u want ya pH correct if it’s not ya plants not eating

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But yeah I see a lot of people talk about how they don’t do that I can only imagine what it tastes like I don’t think I could smoke it that’s just me personally going from been there done that to where I am now wouldn’t change a f****** thing

That’s me my preference and we’ll my people also love my cannabis vs the dispo

Who’s claim is organic lol I just find it funny cause organic synthetic however you want to look at it plant is still taking in and npks

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Nutrients organic or synthetic they still eating nitrogen potassium phosphorus etcetcetc how a person goes about getting it is on them I feel well like the Drs synthetic just as good if Dunn properly not just dumping nutes on a plant

Copious amounts and having no f****** clue on what they’re doing as in what the nutrients are doing for the plant they just get a bunch of s*** like Fox farms and dirty dozens and they go wow let’s read the directions and smash when everybody says go half they still wonder G she like that makes me laugh

Ya we all new and learning but everyone says go half and first question is what’s going on what did I doooooooo and well kisss that was a method I took a was like ok keep it simple it’s weed it grows in cracks in the city with no helpppppp

So for s**** and giggles I took a plant and I grow in pro mix and cocoa and I feed them with nutrients so I took a plant three of them are two of them I forget blackjack and green crack or some s*** and I was like I bet I can put those right outside not even f****** feed them all this s*** I bet you that son and the rain will do it and it did no it wasn’t no big luscious fat juicy f****** buds but the Earth grew the cannabis sun and rain …

After being told by a professional as they claim oh I grew out here for 10 years blah blah blah blah blah but yet they don’t even f****** have a clue it’s like wow oh well he told me this and he told me that yeah well science says this and science says that so f*** what he says I’m going with the doctors and the scientists

Just funny shit I be reading and seeing it’s crazy like yes we all are learning I believe we are all learning in this business nobody is a pro there’s no pros because this is just started legitly for anybody that sits there and claims they’re a pro or I’ve been doing it for 30 years doing it 30 years yeah okay a lot of us has but science wise and f****** you know without the Google and all that s*** no books none of that stuff oh bro science take all that s*** and flush it down the f****** toilet I mean yes some of it worked but then you go to look at the facts you look at the doctors and the scientists that are actually doing the 7-Day 10-day 14-day flushes on all these different strands and seeing that wow from zero to even 14-day flush you’re only seeing a 1% difference what the f*** is that

I am making the shift to organic as well currently mixing Coast of Maine (Stonington Blend) with dolomite lime, harvest hero perlite w/ silica, biochar, and earthworm castings. I start in solo cup to 3 weeks then flip to 5 gallon fabric for autos/ 7 gallon fabric for photos. Veg for 4 - 6 more weeks amending on the second week with Bloom 3-12.5-9 by Good Earth Organics then flip. Amend once more at flip and that’s it. During the week I use Recharge once a week and I also use brewer’s yeast with a different sugar every week. This is what works for me. I do not ph at all and I do not water to run off, though I do top and bottom water usually my plants drink 1/2 gallon of water every day. Happy Growing!!!

Just to address your PH statement: with dry organic nutes in the Soil and top dressing with the same twice! I only add filtered water! No need to PH water only!
With chemical nutes you have a lab coat and like a doctor you provide the plants every need by forcing the plant to uptake the chemicals you added! The plant will decide when to uptake avail nutes from the soil in organics! No force feeding so no ph no flush required: i removed the lab coat and let her go naturally! Just what i have learned over the years: easier for me than chemical route: can i taste the difference? Not sure! :yin_yang: But i have a lot less work no deficiencies and dank weed! Success far as i am concerned. :yin_yang::palm_tree::ballot_box_with_check:

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Lab coat just going outside it’s just being a lazy way my personal op ion people don’t want to spend the money on good proper nutrients so they just go outside and use what’s the Earth has the simple and PK’s and that’s what’s funny is you still use an npks just like me I’m synthetic you think you can find everything in nature

Not me I’ve dun the test me feeding to nature lmbo no comparison

I love when people say oh we’re all organic but we top feed and we throw all this f****** crap that the nature or not even nature some animal feces and all this nasty s*** yeah I rather go synthetic then go in a pig pen take their feces I think that’s better for me

Lmbo wow and how is your nitrogen any better than mine ???

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Never said anything was better, if you pump steroids into a human they will have more muscle look bigger ect! Some like it, i am not knocking it or synthetics its a personal choice: but hey your way is the Best! Enjoy :yin_yang: Were all just growing weed to smoke: at least i am! I’ve tried many ways, we evolve over time: :ballot_box_with_check: Wake n bake :sun_behind_small_cloud:

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