What's ya feed at ,?

Organically grown marijuana with a properly prepared/ balanced soil pre loaded with organic nutrients is far less work then synthetic grows.
While initially your ph should be in the proper range it is less critical to continue monitoring it when growing truly organic as your microbiology feeds the plant AFTER processing the nutrients and providing them to the plant.
Therefore the biology is in control and you need provide the bacteria and fungi with what they need so they in turn will provide the plants with what is needed.
No watering to runoff .
No ppm
Simple ph of water
Feed with topdressings formulated specifically for the phase you are approaching and not the one you’re currently in.
A quality compost tea every 7-10 days once in veg, and going forward.

Organically grown requires you feed the microbial population previous to the plants needs to provide the 10-14 days required to make the applications available to the plant in time to keep them cranking right along.

Synthetics allow more control over all the processes as you are feeding directly to the plant requiring careful monitoring of soil/irrigation ph so your nutrient’s will continue to be taken up properly.
But with that control comes total responsibility for it and the ability to sabotage your own end result.

The simple minded views expressed above in a less than factual manner are a compelling indicator that while you may have a reasonable grasp on synthetically supplied nutrient growing your clear and total lack of factual information regarding organics and those naturally occurring processes lends itself to discredit your opinion ( and yeah it’s just an opinion you have as there is no factual basis in your diatribe)

Organics require knowledge regarding soil biology pertaining to cation exchange, fungi/bacteria food web,and a host of other biological processes that frankly alot of people simply don’t either have the time to read and learn about or are just satisfied with the results that synthetics will provide if executed properly.
While unfortunately others are just too fxxxxxx stupid or intellectually lazy to care about what the potential benefits to organically grown can be.
Until you truly understand the subject matter you can’t expect to be taken seriously except by those also lacking in factual knowledge on the subject
And even than it’s just a village with two

It’s a free country
Carry on

Read “teaming with microbes “
“Teaming with fungi”

Reading has also been shown to improve one’s spelling
So there’s an added benefit of correct spelling which in turn will lend not only credibility but accurate and factual debate to carry on productively and lift all boats.

Simply slathering a page with illiterate cussing is very unlikely to be taken seriously by any that really wish to excel in the space


Amen,couldn’t of said it any better!!