What's Growing On?

I liked this name for my grow journal for 2 reasons. First, I want it to be a place to talk about other things than just the plants. They are why we are here, but they are far from just who we are. Fun, open discussion is a good thing. Learning how to do things better, more efficient, or help solving a problem is a bonus.

Second, I want to keep it a perpetual journal. Why does it need to end, to just start another one later? I figure if something is important enough, or way off topic, then I will start another one with it.

I have several set-ups I use. 95% of the stuff I purchased off Craigs List.

One set up is a 5 x 5 Gorilla tent with a HLG 650r. There is an 8” Hurricane fan and Phresh Carbon Filter. I have several monkey fans running in there. All was purchased from CL. There is also a far red led puck, and humidifier, both purchased new. The fan and humidifier are running on a Inkbird ITC-608T.

I am an organic soil grower. I was previously growing in 3-gallon plastic and fabric pots. I later got some 5 and a couple 10 gallon. This grow I am trying Rainscience Grow bags. I have 3 10-gallon, 10 7-gallon and 10 5-gallon. So far, I like the bags, the plants seem to like them also.

I have been growing in the same soil for over a year now. I got some insect fracas and crustacean meal from Build a Soil recently to add in, along with the EWC I usually do.

I have started to use FOOP lately as my main nutrient. It is easy to use and easily repeatable. This is important when I am traveling and need assistance with the plants. I will also add some Recharge, King Crab, Protek and kelp periodically. Occasionally they get foliar feedings.

In the 5 x 5 (pictured) I have 9 plants growing. 3 Hawaiian Haze, in a 7-gallon and 10-gallon bags I have a Jack Herer in a 10-gallon. Right back corner is a Black Pearl x Pineapple Thai, also in a 10-gallon. There are 2 Everyday Haze (Panama Haze x Old School Haze) in a 7-gallon. Last I have a Blue Dream / CBD mix in a 7-gallonj These are all clones from plants I recently harvested.
All but one Hawaiian Haze, an Everyday Haze and the Blue Dream are at day 45. Those 3 are 24 days in.

Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to follow along. There will be some periods on inactivity because of my work travel schedule.

Unfortunately, my other journals on here had to be neglected due to work, life and family commitments. All those grows made it to completion. Some turned out great, others were a good learning experience. I am going to try and close them out in the coming months with some info and pictures.

Jack day 45. My other pictures are too large to add. I will take some lesser quality ones to fit the smaller requirements here


The 4 x 8 is going into darkness for the final time tonight. I will harvest those Friday

Here are some pictures of what is growing on in the 5 x 5.


Looks like you got things dialed in pretty good.

Thanks. Always trying to improve. Learn something from each grow.

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The 5 x 5 has been cut down and is now hanging. Tent was cleaned and new tenants have arrived.

Nice grow man! So what’s growing on with these new tenants? (Or the previous residents?) :fishing smiley:

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Thanks @CurrDogg420. The previous tenants are hanging right now.

Here is a lower branch I took of the Jack and one of the Hawaiian Haze. Cleaned it up some, going to dry it for testers.


Hawaiian Haze

Here are the new temporary tents.

3 have less then 3 weeks left. The other 3 have 6 weeks left.


Oh myyy…. :drooling_face: HLG? Is that in the 5x5? Looks like it’s kickin ass.

Yes, there is a 660 HLG in there. Great light. I have a HLG 550, along with another equivalent light, in the 4 x 8. They are great lights.