Whats going on?

why did this happen overnight? these are not close to light and heat and water are good.

hey @dmtscravey haven’t heard from you in a while…sorry never saw something like this but it kind of looks like if a flame was put to it…did you get too close while partaking ???

On outdoor that is exactly what it looks like when a caterpillar gets up into a young flower top. Did you put it outside for any extra sun or watering etc?

Actually it’s a guy that I’m helping learn to grow it happened to his plant and now he’s telling me those are the buds that he squeezed yesterday so I would say he squeezed too hard and bruised it or had something on his fingers when he touched the plant those are my two guesses because I had never seen anything like that either overnight

Mystery solved I would say.

It’s always better to rough rub the stem by the buds rather than the bud. Then smell away. I use a different finger for each plant to not blend the smells. The only problem is If you have more than 10 plants you have to wash hands first. Ha