What would be the best led light for my 4x2x60 tent for the best seedling to harvest quality and quanity

I’m breaking down and going to buy a new light for my tent so I can reach the maximum potential of my babies. I can only afford to buy 1. I’m looking to spend around $100 to$120. What would u all recommend?

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Check out the king plus led line. It’s probably the best you’ll find in that price range.

I have one myself for a 4x4 and it’s working. We’ll see how well it yields in a few weeks.

Hey @Budminer I would recommend the Mars Hydro Sp 150. Its made for a 2x4 tent. Its a beast of a light in every aspect! No fans so its quiet and doesn’t put off much heat at all. Its on Amazon for $140 but im sure they have discount codes floating around somewhere. You really cant go wrong with a mars hydro light. Good luck shopping and happy growing!

Don’t forget the Vipaspectra XS1500 is still on sale on Amazon (use the code). I got mine for $147 and that is a great price. code XS1500.

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OK here’s my 2 cents worth I’ve used this light for exactly one year tomorrow , It’s grown 3 harvest and I think they do pretty well.my brother also has been running 2 of these for exactly 1 year now and hes getting fabulous harvest also.These are on Amazon also.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RZYKTTY/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_oX2xFbK2KW25W 10