What was your favorite all time smoke (homegrown of course)?

Mine was jillybean. She tasted like citrus jelly bellies (real jelly beans). Not orange, but a citrus fruit punch. I had locally what everyone called the candy cut pheno for about 10 yrs. I always grew extra of her and would always run out first. Just a happy all day high. But if you needed more she could do it with extra puffs. She had all ready been passed around as an old clone from my trust circle before I tried her. She was the strain that convinced me to get serious about growing. This was way before I did seed runs :slightly_frowning_face:. Unfortunately she just seemed to loose her vigor. The clones were slower to root and she began to not want to stretch in the summer. She is no longer with me. She was the best creation by subcool and miz Jill and The Green Avengers (TGA). Good stuff.


I haven’t smoked any from Homegrown yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

I really enjoyed your little history lesson there.


I meant homegrown not Homegrown necessarily. My jillybean was not from Homegrown. Just not the weed store if you live in such a state. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have tried several other packs of jillybean since and nothing was quite as good. She was a keeper amongst keepers that old candy cut. I also tried a few jillybean clones from the Seattle medical cloners collective (ironically) closed in the name of legalization (TAXES). Still not as good.


Maybe you should score some seeds and backcross her to attempt to get close?

Is that the right word? I can’t remember at the moment.


Blueberry x Jack Herer was a awesome smoke. The flavors were second to none and was super sticky. Cant wait to grow it again!


Kmac I am all ready on it. It’s been a couple year project but I am getting close. I even emailed the original breeder to tell her (miz Jill) thru her site. Never heard back.

As a matter of fact what first brought me to this site was that Homegrown has Jillybean beans for sale. I can’t wait to order some soon!


If you were local I would give (gift) you a cut of the dr Grinspoon trippy trip weed. It would definitely contrast your harlequin cross pretty girl’s cbd.


All time favorites (and this is 50 years of tasting): 1 True landice Jamaican tops. They had the violet flavor like the candies Violets. Sweet as you toked on them, like opium laced and that sweetness came though with every puff. I liked the flavor of that far and above anything I ever had ( I am still searching for Lambs breath /bread - supposed to be Marleys strain). 2 Acapulco Gold - even though we do not have the landice of 50 years ago, the flavor of today’s is still inherent. 3 Thai stick - from the 70’s - bright green like limeglo, best sexual enhancer I ever experienced.

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I’m aware. With my neuro programming going through a change, I have to have multiple strains on hand depending on what’s happening, if that makes sense? I’m growing it with Hawaii x Purple Skunk.

Also, I walk the grey line to keep the atmosphere surrounding me happy that I’m playing by the rules.

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My favorite strain that I’ve grown is Columbian Gold.

I did it several years running, but am doing others this time.

I need more CG seeds!


They remind me of the trees from Lord of the Rings. They make me all googly eyed like a school girl.

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Mike I hope you were on the east coast then. I flew to Jamaica from Seattle once and the 3 time zones killed me. My week was up before the jet lag settled. I never crossed paths with the right person. All I found was tourist cruise boat swagola. No good. It also could have been my wife was with me and she hates my hobby…

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Khatru, those look beautiful. I have never tried CG. I thought it might be too slow for how far north I am. How is the flower time?

It also made me think of Jim Belushi on his adventure to Columbia for the Gold and Punta Roja. Couldn’t help but chuckle out loud.

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It wasn’t a true landrace, but very much like the old stuff from the ‘70’s

Took 10 weeks of indoor flowering, just a couple more than the Indicas I was doing.

You were old enough to smoke in the '70s? :eyes:

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Yep I was a

Teenager :wink:

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I was almost a teenager in the late 70s. So grateful those years are done.



1.) Norther Light Automatic – Fem

2.) Headband X Great

White Shark

3.) ChemDog(1)

4.) CR+ - Fem(1)

5.) PennyWise(1)Regular

6.) Humbolt X ERSB – Fem (2)

7.) Afghan Kush Ryder – Fem(1)

8.) El Alquimista – Fem(1)

9.) Sweet Tooth – Fem(1)

10.) Acapulco Gold(1)Fem

11.) Buddha Tahoe OG – Fem(1)

12.) Critical Cali Mist – Fem(1)

13.) Viper - Fem(1)

14.) Sugar Mango Ryder – Fem(1)

15.) Purple Pineberry – Reg (4)

16.) Vintage 2006 – Fem(2)

17.) Jack – Fem(2)

18.) Afghan Kush x White Widow – Fem(1)

19.) Yumbolt 47 – Fem

20.) ATA Tundra – Reg

ICE x ??

21.) SuperSkunk X ?


22.) Double Blueberry Gum

23.) Diva F2 Automatic

24.) Super Avalon Diva Automatic

25.) Silver Smurf

ATA Tundra x

26.) Mendcino Madness

27.) Silver 47 Silver Yummy

27.) Blueberry SuperSkunk

28.) Blueberry Gum Madness

29.) Blue Diva Aphridite

30.) Purple Avalon

31.) Blueberry Smurf

32.) Flash Babalon Diva Automatic

33.) Whiteacre Blue Fem

34.) Grape Krush x Frisian Dew reg

35.) Whitacre Blue X grape Krush dj short

36.) White Urkle X grape krush

37.) avalonpineapplechunk(m)X Ferona

38.) Plushberry x ferona

39.) avalonpineapplechunk(m)X Frisian Dew

40.) avalonpineapplechunk X Fruity Chronic Juice

41.) Plushberry x Fruity Chronic Juice

42.) KAUAI (1)

43.) WhitE Whitacre Blue x White Urkle

44.) avalonpineapplechunk X Lemon Gum G13

45.) Plushberry X Lemon Gum G13

46.) avalonpineapplechunk X Timewreck

47.) Plushberry X Timewreck

48.) avalonpineapplechunk X CHEESEWRECK

49.) Plushberry X CHEESEWRECK

50.) avalonpineapplechunk X Midnight kush

51.) Plushberry X Midnight Kush

52.) avalonpineapplechunk X Bubblegummer

53.) Plushberry X BubbleGummer

54.) avalonpineapplechunk X Bubblegummer2

55.) Plushberry X BubbleGummer2

56.) Granddaddy Super skunk x Avalon Headband

57.) Tahoe OG kush – Fem

58.) Afghan Kush x Skunk – Fem

59.) Super sonic crystal Storm Automatic

60.) Afghan Kush Special x Skunk

61.) Superskunk x mendicino madness

62.) Supermadness x jillybean

64.) Superduper

2013 Lemon Gum

65.) Grand Daddy X G13 Blueberry Gum

66.) Grand Daddy x Jelly Bean

67.) Grand Daddy X White Rhino

68.) Grand Daddy x Headband

69.) Avlon Purple Haze x HEADBAND

70.) FIRESTORM fire x fire






76.) Grand Daddy FIRE

77.) Grand Daddy SUPERSkunkaVALON

78.) Grand Daddy GRINSPOON

79.) Grand Daddy Double Purple haze

80.) Avalon Purple Haze x White Berry

81.) Gorilla Glue(4)

82.) Hollands Hope(3)

83.) NLxafghani


White Widow




Royal Queen(3)

88.) Trainwreck(3)

89.) Greencrack(8)

90.) Marionberry kush(2)

91.) Jack skellington(2)

92.) Blueberry DJ short(2)

93.) Blueberry Dutch passion(2)

94.) Tennessee lemon

95.) Grapefruit haze(2)

96.) White Diesel(1)

97.) Cornbread(1)

98.) Vortex tga subcool(2)

99.) Island Sweet skunk(2)

100.) LSD barneys farm(1)

101.) Heavy Duty Fruity(2)

102.) Banana Kush(2)

103.) Jumping Black

Dash (auto)

104.) AK-48 (fem)

105.) Charlettes Angel (3) hemp dutch passion

106.) Afghani (2) reg canook

107.) speedy boom auto(1)

My favorites out of my seed bank list here
white widow,
jilly bean,
and of course
train wreck

25 years of seed banks one made every five years


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I’m all out of ‘likes’ for the day, but you have beautiful plants. Do you collect the rose hips for food?

Man. All time favorite is a tough one. I’ll have to go with White Widow though. It’s a great all arounder. In small doses it has a nice mellow energetic buzz and it’s great for being social or playing music/games. Higher doses it’s still great for gaming and music but you’ll want some munchies too and maybe a buddy to talk to before you pass out. Great for pain managemnt in almost any dosage.

I’d definitely want to source two separate phenos when I grow it this time. One sativa leaning for daytime and one more indica leaning for night time. I love the slight pheno variances white widow gets. Some are more energetic and uplifting and others are more mellow and sleepy but have the same all around cerebral stimulation and pain killing abilities.

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