What type of Intake do you use?

I use an inline fan on the bottom of my 4x4 tent, allows me to control my temps better.

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So you use 2 different fans, correct? One as intake, 1 for exhaust? I actually have an extra inline fan laying around, although it is a smaller 4in that only moves, 200cfm. However i am in a 4×3 tent, with a 6in exhaust fan already.

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hello timothy welcome to the forum! i’ve been using the cloud infinity 6inch inlines and love them i got the unit that gave an option to have the 4x4 tent fully auto only have to check the display from time to time happy growing!

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Sweet good to know thanks

@Rye I’d take that 4 inch and install it as your exhaust fan and use the 6 inch as your intake fan. Nice positive air pressure. Helps prevent mold and pests and strengthens stems.

Right now I’m just using a regular 6 inch fan for intake and exhaust. I’m planning to invest in a few inline fans with carbon filters to improve my setup. I’m thinking a 6 inch with 300 cfm and speed control for intake and a 4 inch with 200 cfm for exhaust. I’m currently trying to find some decent ones in my budget with brushless motors so they’re quiet and last longer.

I like positive pressure because it helps prevent mold and it keeps the stems stronger. I’m also not worried about smell because my companion plants usually cover up the bud smell pretty good.

@MDBuds I run at a negative pressure mostly. Since I built my grow space I had that in mind during construction. Using HVAC pressure sensitive vent valves. They snap close when n the differential reaches a set point, closing the intake just before the out put.

You can do the same with just having a larger output than input. If the space is properly sealed it will take time for the pressure to balance resulting in a negative overall pressure.

Most plants have shown better yield, strength and resistance to mold in a negative pressure. It also allows for easier control of the temp/humidity relationship and a higher VPD, therefore higher temps. It also allows the plants to transpire easier.

When I finish this grow I hope to be able to remodel the grow room and document it this time.

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@Rye I try to model my grow tent based off of the research of David Chelf. Like people say though there are a million ways to paint a picture and no one way is inherently right or wrong.

I like that positive pressure in the tent allows for a build up of environmental Co2 and helps keep flying pests and other bugs out of the tent. I’ve personally experienced increased yields and less molds with positive pressure myself.

If I’m running a light that isn’t passively cooled though and it needs to be exhausted I run my exhaust through the light with a negative pressure so it doesn’t push the heat from the light into the grow room and it vents better.

With my led though I don’t have to worry about that. Makes it easy for me to keep positive tent pressure and not have to worry about so many other things.

I also pull fresh air in and exhaust air out plus air circulater keep air moving and i use old school lights alot of heat i have 3 1000 watt lights with 600 watt bulbs. And i keep it between 75 and 80 degrees with low humidity.i think if you useing the tents if there is anyway possible pull that fresh air in you will see a big difference

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Fell in complete love with ac infinity’s line of fans


Where are tents Available? Also lighting

Amazon has a good assortment of both tents and lights. And welcome to the forum @Bornagain

You can go nuts trying to decide what tent to go with. There are alot of ridiculous prices and cheap stuff all over. The reviews go all ways, including gorilla who everyone says is tops but has same issues as the cheap brands. I went to ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/224161068845

I will patch my own tears, zippers, light leaks, etc.

Welcome @Bornagain, I got all my equipment from Amazon. Do your research, there are a lot of crispy lights. I have Spider Farmer 2000, costs a lil more, but was highly rated.

Happy growing & I look forward to seeing how things come together.

Don’t use Amazon. If you notice, they have a mark up on everything. Try https://www.ledgrowlightsdepot.com/ or
https://hydrobuilder.com/ for lights and other equipment. There’s a bunch of other websites for lights that offer discount codes. Amazon has the spider farmer SF4000 for $579. I got it from we grow buds for $530.

So I built my “tent” out of pvc pipe, black plastic, and emergency blankets, cost 25 dollars. Grew 1.25 lbs off 6 plants. It under the how to grow lemonhaze autoflower. Dont over think it. And remeber tents are just that, they really just need to block light and smell.

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