What strains are best in your opinion

What has been the best plant you ever grew and were did you buy the seeds for the plant?


@bbbbgggg4444 So I do get asked pretty often what seeds produce the most bud / frostiest from Homegrown Cannabis Co as well as what grow medium, nutrients, and feedings I do for my girls! So here’s my recommendations for growing!

⁃ God Bud Regular
⁃ Mochalope Regular
⁃ Critical x Amnesia Feminized
⁃ Critical Blue Feminized
⁃ Purple Urkle Feminized
⁃ Green Crack x Super Silver Haze Feminized
⁃ Lemon Kush Feminized
⁃ Yumboldt Feminized
⁃ Nevilles Haze Feminized
⁃ Wedding Cake Feminized
⁃ Do-si-dos Feminized
⁃ Sour Kush Feminized
⁃ Jack Herer x Skunk Feminized
⁃ GG#4 x Zkittles Regular
⁃ Trainwreck Feminized
⁃ Kosher Kush Feminized
⁃ Blueberry x Jack Herer Feminized
⁃ GSC x Cheese Feminized
⁃ Afghan Kush Feminized
⁃ Blueberry Autoflower
⁃ Jack Herer Feminized
⁃ Strawberry Cough Feminized
⁃ Bruce Banner Feminized
⁃ Black Widow Feminized
⁃ Super Skunk Feminized
⁃ Lemon OG Feminized
⁃ Gelato Regular
⁃ Gelato Feminized
⁃ Any Kush Strain is going to really be a resinous producer
⁃ Hazes are known for being higher in %
⁃ White widow crosses are going to have higher returns

What Grow Medium Do I Use?
Soil - Fox Farm Happy Frog and Ocean Forest as well as Aurora Organics 707 blend
I also recommend SoHum living soil.
ORGANICS! It’s the way!

What Nutrients Do I Recommend?
1st place - This is going to likely change as Homegrown Cannabis Co is developing nutrients I’ll be working to test. For right now Bloom Yellow Bottles Takes this spot! They’re amazing organics (you get what you pay for, but their bottles go a long way!) - I use their full line. Veg A / B, Flower A / B, PK, Final, Ooze, SWTNR, Groigen, Sea Minerals, Phat, and Humate! The highest quality organics I’ve used to date hands down. I was incredibly impressed by their products and the price reflects, good stuff isn’t cheap but holy shit I have never seen such dense or frosty bud. I’ve used a lot of other brands and for hydroponics, soil, or aeroponics this stuff is amazing!

2nd place for now goes to Nectar of the Gods (Oregon‘s Only), I definitely recommend the full line. You can get the full sample line for $55 and they will last you a good while. They’re quality organics that have a good solid base and I use several of their products within my line. So even if you don’t choose nectar for the full line I’d still recommend Bloom Khaos, Herculean Harvest, and Aphrodites Extraction from them. Quality organics for a competitive price.

3rd place is going to go to the Flora series or General Hydro. They’re a great nutrient line that’s got exactly what your girls need while giving you tons of wiggle room to add extra amendments to your feeds.

Extra nutrients I keep on deck at all times - Neptune’s Harvest Fish and Seaweed Extract, mycorrhiza, and organic earthworm castings. Foliage sprays are nice to have, groigen, froigen, or bloom Khaos :slight_smile:

How do I feed my girls?
I use compost teas to do all of my nutrient feedings and I recommend you growers do the same for organics or living soil organics. What you’re doing essentially with compost teas is creating a living soil by creating a tea filled with microbial life that will flood your soil and make a living soil :slight_smile: if you’re using living soil you’re just adding additional microbes for your soil and plant to benefit from. Along with that, since I add mycorrhiza in my teas that mycorrhiza will attach to your root system and it will end up acting like a net and catching every bit of nutrients those microbes put out and any you feed.

How to make a compost tea?
I have a YouTube video on The Cannabis Kronicles - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRejmJvIDDOhZ9qBxl80UQw
Compost Tea How To Video - https://youtu.be/2oUZGsDyh6I

My Flower Tea Recipe -
⁃ 1 1/2 cups to 2 cups of Organic Earthworm Castings
⁃ 2 TBSP of Mycorrhiza
⁃ 1 to 2 TBSP of Bone and Blood Meal
⁃ SWTNR (Bloom Yellow Bottles), this is a molasses alternative to give sugars to the microbial life.
⁃ Humate (Bloom Yellow Bottles), or Organic HuMic Acid.
⁃ Bloom A (Bloom Yellow Bottles)
⁃ Bloom B (Bloom Yellow Bottles)
⁃ Sea Minerals (Bloom Yellow Bottles)
⁃ Bloom Khaos (Nectar of the Gods)
⁃ Aphrodites Extraction (Nectar of the Gods)
⁃ Herculean Harvest (Nectar of the Gods)
⁃ Fish and Seaweed Extract (Neptune’s Harvest)
⁃ Cal/Mag (https://www.instagram.com/tv/CBuDLKJBM41/?igshid=11xebgd83ov3g how to make your own Cal/Mag) I make my own from egg shells and distilled white wine video, you can also purchase any quality cal/mag like general hydro.
⁃ PK (Bloom Yellow Bottles)
⁃ Ooze (Bloom Yellow Bottles)
⁃ PHAT (Bloom Yellow Bottles)
⁃ Final (Bloom Yellow Bottles)
Let brew for a minimum of 24 hours before use!

This is for my flower teas. My early veg and mid veg teas are different. A veg tea would look like this.
⁃ 1 to 1 1/2 cups of Organic Earthworm Castings
⁃ 2 TBSP of Mycorrhiza
⁃ 2 TSP of Bone and Blood Meal
⁃ SWTNR (Bloom Yellow Bottles), alternative to molasses to feed microbial life
⁃ Humate (Bloom Yellow Bottles), or organic HuMic Acid works, blooms solution is much better I’ve found.
⁃ Veg A (Bloom Yellow Bottles)
⁃ Veg B (Bloom Yellow Bottles)
⁃ Pre (Bloom Yellow Bottles)
⁃ Sea Minerals (Bloom Yellow Bottles)
⁃ Aphrodites Extraction (Nectar of the Gods)
⁃ Herculean Harvest (Nectar of the Gods)
⁃ Fish and Seaweed Extract
⁃ Cal/Mag (https://www.instagram.com/tv/CBuDLKJBM41/?igshid=11xebgd83ov3g how to make your own Cal/Mag) I make my own from egg shells and distilled white wine video, you can also purchase any quality cal/mag like general hydro.
⁃ Groigen (Bloom Yellow Bottles)
Let brew for minimum 24 hours before use!!!


Super sour d, white widow, and purple punch are some of my best


Super Glue, Gorilla Glue, God Bud, Hindu Kush, Afghan Kush, Panama Red , Columbian Gold and Red

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White Widow x Big Bud, Bubba’s Gift(Bubba Kush x God’s Gift), EM-Dog by Dr Greenthumb(A+++), Pretty Lights(Black Domina x Northern Lights), and Raspberry Deisel. Those are the ones that are stuck in my memory forever. None of those seeds were from HGCC but if you Google the names you can find them somewhere. This is the first year that I’m growing with HGCC seeds so I’ll let you know later which of their strains I like.

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So far my favorite strains that I have personally grown are Jack Herrer, Blueberry Kush, Blackberry Kush, and some random strain called purple berry.

I mostly got seeds or clones from other local growers before the clubs were set up to sell seeds. This grow I am doing now is my first time buying seeds from a club/bank and I’m pretty stoked to see how they turn out.

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