What Lights do you prefer l.e.d or hps?

Do you prefer l.e.d lighting or do you use hps. What lights do you use and how good are they?

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I’m an old school indoor grower.

I’ve used HPS & MH 600w lamps for years during my winter grows.

I’m interested in new technology, of course, but my philosophy is “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”

I’ve had really good success with those bulbs, so I tend to stick to what works for me personally.


I’m a new school indoor grower :seedling:

I’m using full spectrum LEDs because I am hoping it will help my electric bill. (Though I doubt my yields will be as high as hps).

The LEDs I’m running are with samsung 301b diodes and then with smd 2835 diodes (I think) and the plants seem to have gone through all stages of life digging them.

Some LEDs require you to flip a switch between bloom and veg, and others are full spectrum all the time and just let you adjust the intensity.

I would bet a few people on here have probably built their own LED board for cheaper and would be interested to look into that a bit more; but I bought a couple LEDs around $120ish each (a spider farmer and vivaspectra, spider farmer was more expensive but seems to work slightly better).


I started with hps and mh. Now I use LED. 480 watt meanwell drivers in 2 and a 240 watt one in another.

Electric bill loves them better. Plants love them better with less heat. I would prefer not to go back


@bbbbgggg4444 hey man! So I prefer LEDs over anything else (unless on a commercial basis, then I would mix multiple types). For the average homegrower looking to cut costs but be efficient with power output, LEDs the way to go! I have two Podcast about LED - one on PAR - https://open.spotify.com/episode/5C3wRdybfk4MmAqeLUmtxl?si=oPdhlwRVR22IxajMBYODtA - and one on which LEDs are for you and what to look for - https://open.spotify.com/episode/5y0eKaSiYQve3eVfIFBBZi?si=5XnV0ZVpSIuv0XoNkqgyiQ - my top 5 LEDs to buy brand wise are on the LED podcast (not PAR one), if you choose to go with Mars Hydro, I do have a discount code “Kronic” for some money off :slight_smile: happy growing!


I have both, I have a Hydro Farm 400watt MH from 30+ years ago that I veg under. Then in the Flower Room a Growers Choice ROI-680 (700watts) LED, and a CHILLED Grow Craft X6 1000watts LED.

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LEDS are the Future with the Spectrums and Energy Savings.

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LED all the way. They are finally caught up to and surpassing hps and mh in all areas. Efficiency is amazing, production is great and the prices are finally coming down. If you run the power supplies remote you remove a ton of heat. Something that doesn’t happen with hps or mh. Plus most you of the new light have a dimmer option, something else you can’t do with the old school.

By the time you figure cost of electricity, replacing bulbs, dealing with the additional heat issues etc it quickly becomes not worth it.

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@bbbbgggg4444 here’s 49 Watts

:laughing: oops 7 X 9 is 63 :confounded: oh well i’m Super Duper Stuper Stoned