What is going on? Organic Grow

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U need cal mag my friend a micro nute would really help because organic hard to tell what’s going on in that pot everything working together in their


Can you share some pictures of the whole plant? That looks like a boron deficiency. Need to see whole plant to be sure.


Thank you for advice I will show pics of whole plant once light comes in in hr but to tell you a lil more about it its only on top leafs not bottom that I seen so far don’t know what to expectthis morning please stay turn I will have more pics in hr @MDBuds thanks trying keep it all organic

I know its a immobile nutrient but not sure which one, pic coming soon trying keep it organic I went from tap water to distilled water and I think that’s were the problem came in



Man looks healthy to me.

Yeah plants get a lot of their boron from water so if you’re not using a micro supplement in your distilled water you can easily get micro deficiencies.

I’d suggest just using your tap if it’s clean enough to drink for now and research some good micro nutrient supplements and get some of those and then you can go back to distilled water amended with micros.


Should I cut the damage leaves off

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No you don’t have to. Once the deficiency is corrected the leaves should change to normal. In the case it doesn’t the spotty leaves are still good enough to perform photosynthesis.