What do I do when my auto flower won't flower>90 days?

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Down to 1 plant :herb: and still no flower & 12/12 light cycle. Nothing about the White Widow Auto flower has been AUTOMATIC, so I chunked the auto flower instruction book & I am still waiting. Advice appreciated :confused:


@daletta I can only say I had 1 auto I had to put to 12/12 to get her to show her sex when the other 2 showed it right away…I have read that sometimes they don’t flower at all, rare but does happen, It is a very finicky plant IMHO


@daletta, have you checked your grow tent for light leaks? When the lights are off, it needs to be DARK.

To test mine, I shut myself in there and turned off the light. Lights on in the room it’s in plus the tent next door.

Also, peek in thru the observation window when the lights are scheduled to be off, just to make sure nothings gone wrong with the switch or the schedule.


She’s on her 12 off and there are no light leaks

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@daletta sounds like a hormone issue. She isn’t getting what she needs to produce ethylene.

I’d start watering with some liquid kelp and even put some fresh whole bananas on the top soil.

Liquid kelp will help stimulate the plants natural hormone production and the bananas will release ethylene gas which will signal the plant to start flowering.


Please no hormone issue :rofl: (too many women around here as it is). Where do I get Liquid Kelp? How much for watering. I have a DWC system - did I forget to mention that? So sorry if I didn’t. Please let me say thank you for taking the time to advise me it means so much to me

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@daletta you can find liquid kelp/liquid seaweed at almost any hardware store and hydro shop and there are plenty of brands on Amazon. Some even designed for dwc. You can foliar feed too if you’d rather go that route.

Even if you’re doing DWC the banana trick will work. Just hang them in the tent close to the plants or put on top of the buckets.

Also make sure your water temp is in range. Water and root zone temp affects hormone production and nutrient uptake.


I used your idea and shut myself up in the tent to check for light leaks and I am happy to report there are no-0-zero light leaks and left with a buzz! What’s up with that!? STRONG and PUNGENT but won’t put out flower - leaves are covered in tiny white crystals … that’s it I thinkl :thinking:

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@daletta I forgot to mention before that ethylene signaling in cannabis is reliant on copper. If your plant is copper deficient it will not flower properly or won’t flower at all because cannabis uses copper ions to carry ethylene in the eyhylene signalling pathway to start flower. (which is rare but if you use only r/o and distilled water and your nutes don’t have copper as part of the micros it happens with hydro).

Do the leaves have white/burned tips and or a bluish purple undertone?

You might just need to increase your copper. To avoid anything chelated if you have pre 1982 pennies you can drop 1 penny in per 1 gallons and it will add enough copper to fight off algae and molds as well as feed your babies some copper.

I’d avoid trying to use any copper sulfate algaecide. Some people will say to use it as a copper feed but don’t. It’s harmful to cannabis and other plants and really only effective in swimming pools.

They do make copper sulfate products specifically for agriculture but I don’t recall what they are off the top of my head.

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I feel bad for you:disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :sob: :sob:

I know this is late but did you try yelling at it?