Wet trimming vs dry trimming

Hello grow community can someone explain the difference between wet and dry manicuring or trimming …. Is one method superior from the other ?? How can I keep most plant in tact to later
Into tincture can I use the trim or do I dispose of it not sure if what I manicure or cut off
Is usable

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To me it is a matter of preference. I think wet trimming is better for me. But I do not hang the whole plant to dry. I hang each cola or stalk individually. Also I am old and my hands function better if I wet trim. Either way is ok and works.

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So as soon as you harvest and manicure and hang to dry what do you with all the trim what can you do right away?

wet - this is when you trim off all the leaves when the plant is first cut. They are still fresh / green - what we call wet. This is a preferred trim if the buds are thick, dense - and you dry in a proper environment of 65F / 60-65%rh…it is to prevent the formation of MOLD
dry trim…when you have a very dry area to dry your bud, leave them wet to keep some of the moisture in you trim the large fans and leave the rest. They get cut after the buds are dry

all the trimmings-- make a tincture, gummies, butter, edibles, etc…that stuff has just as much thc / cbd as the buds do


Yes but do first dry trim then freeze or freeze without drying or curing ? To do tincture, edibles, etc

if you freeze, the trichomes break off easily and unless you have proper screens, no sense to do this…you can lose a lot.
Whether wet or dry trim, shake (leftover from trimming) gets dried, even in an oven (280°F for 28 min…shallow pan…toast this stuff so it browns a little like toast), grind, put in a jar and add your dilute (oil, butter, alcohol) etc. Many here have recipes for edibles. I like tincture and use 190/200 proof alcohol, shake daily for 2 weeks, strain and go from there. You have to look up dilution ratios (herb to solvent) to see how strong it will be or just use 1/2 eyedropper, add to some water (if you put this under your tongue, it is hot due to the strength of the grain alcohol so add water), sit a little…wait 20 to 30 minutes to get an idea of potency

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