Watering vs Nutrients schedule

Hello guys,

I intent to start my grow using advanced nutrients and they charts says that I need to feed my plant week by week, so I understand that only once per week I need to feed them with nutrient water, right? In the between days should I just put fresh water?

@green_leaf yes water in between feedings

Hey @green_leaf which flavour of AN products are you using?
I just finished a crop with their Grow-Micro-Bloom, occasional Sensi-Cal as needed, and Bigger Bud and Bud Candy as well in flower. And Blackstrap Molasses once a week in with the other food (just boil some water in a pot, dissolve and then add to bucket).

Just got some B-52 for upcoming crop and want to get some Voodoo Juice for when I transplant into bigger pots to give the roots a boost.

I fill my bucket with tap water (we have good water up here in BC!), let it sit 24 hours to dechlorinate, then add my mix. Basically make enuff for a big watering, maybe 50% more than needed, then dilute rest with more water and sit overnight. So I’d did a full strength, then a half strength, then fill bucket with about 3 waterings worth and give them that.

So it wasn’t a true feed-once-per-week, water-other-days schedule…more give them a big meal, then some snacks, then only water for a few. They did fantastic!

Nice thing about their product line is the pH balancing, never had an issue in my grow, never had to adjust, just feed them and reap!

Hey man. I forgot to tell that I goong to grow just in coco coir. So even though you will recommend that? Thx, bro.

Hey @spudgunner how are you my friend?

Man I decided to go almost all the way in their line, I’m using the following:

Sensi Grow Coco A+B pH Perfect 0,5L
Sensi Bloom Coco A+B pH Perfect 0,5L
VooDoo Juice 0,25L
Big Bud Coco 0,25L
B-52 0,25L
Overdrive 0,25L
Piranha 0,25L
Bud Candy 0,25L
Flawless Finish 0,25L
Tarantula 0,25L
Nirvana 0,25L
Sensizym 0,25L
Rhino 0,25L

I’m not using the Bud Ignitor or Bud Factor X, because I see some growers saying they cost too much for what they deliver, so…

Im using airpots of 2.08971 gallons (had to convert) actually is 9.5 liters. So I’m trying to find an optimal way for watering, maybe every two to three days. For the size of the airpots how much water should I put in each watering? I was thinking about 1.5 liters(0.329954 gallons) to 2 liters(0.439938 gallons). On the amsterdam genetics website I read that you should put up to 20-25% of total vase volume each watering. I’m going to grow just on coco coir

My setup:
Lumatek Zeus Pro 465w 2.9
Tent of 120x120x200cm (3.93701x3.93701x6.56168ft)

I intent to use mainling as well and go for 8 colas.

Thanks for answering man

@spudgunner I havent bough any of this yet. What do you think?

@green_leaf I haven’t used coco. I gravitated back to what worked for me back in the '90’s, Pro-Mix. Never had any issues with it, easy and cheap, very little maintenance. From what I’ve read on this forum, coco can mess with pH and other stuff (can’t remember what exactly as not my situation. Can only store so much in that soft cavity, have to be selective at my age!). I just use buckets. You know those black buckets at the Superstore they use to hold their displays outside? Got a few of those, drilled holes, add couple inches of lave rock and Pro-Mix. Quick, cheap and simply. And effective!

Your tent with fit 4 legal plants nicely…can tell you’re a fellow Canuck, not just by liters and meters, but your conversion to gallons, you converted to Imperial, not US! So definitely WELCOME to the forum! My tent setup, pic from Dec 12. Christmas Day chop pics are posted elsewhere here…my 4 Death Bubba clones!

Curious what you are planning on growing…from seed (auto or photo) or clones?

Hey, also a hint re your tent…if you are doing it on a concrete floor (garage), put a 4’x4’ piece or styrofoam under your tent floor. I think my plants had coldcold roots for the last 3 weeks with that cold snap we had before Xmas, didn’t have explosive growth at the end (but they still turned out beautifully, just took from Oct 1 to Xmas in 12/12 light to finish!).

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