Vivosun Air inline fan

I have bought an vivosun air inline fan with the vivosun carbon filter. I don’t seem to know as to how it has stopped having air flow from the outside.

@Rudog0528 make sure to try and make the duct run as short as possible and use metal duct clamps or foil tape, to seal. Is the fan motor humming or is the blade working smoothly?

@Rudog0528 you may have hooked it up backwards with air going to the filter instead of air going away from filter…

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recommendation…Move the filter outside the tent and use the openings as intake vents. Air enters from the bottom (co2 is heavier) and hot air expels from the top…It also gives you more headroom in the tent…
I have one vent open on bottom left, top right vent is attached to 6" tube going OUTSIDE and down the right side of my tent. I give up NO HEADROOM for the exhaust…It gives me more room or taller plants. I can get my lights within 12" of the top of the tent so I have 5 feet grow (12" from light to top of plant - that accounts for 2 feet in my 7 foot tent). Negative pressure as the fan SUCKS air OUT of the tent. If I need it balanced, I insert my small 6" intake fan to the lower left corner and it balances negative / positive flow

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