Viparspectra XS2000

Hello fellow growers! Anyone using the Viparspectra XS2000 and care to share there experiences/pro & cons…any heat issues in tent. I’m trying to decide between Mars Hydro, Spider Farmerand Viparspectra that will be going into a 2x4 grow tent. Thanks for any replies

I recommend Mars Hydro, but really all are very good and reliable companies. I think you would do well with any of the above mentioned.

I would suggest doing some side by side research and maybe read as much feedback on the products as you can find and make your own decision.

I only recommend Mars as that is all I have used but one of my lights is over 1.5 years old and it has done some 8 and 9 plant grows on full power consistently and is still rocking. My new 480 commercial light is super impressive, but still trying to dial it in.

Good luck and let us know what you decide on!

Thanks! I appreciate it and good luck dialing in your light

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Hi mate I’m using the 2x4 spider farmer with sf2000 it’s my first grow and I’m so impressed with it and the quality.

Thanks for your input Terpy!

Terry, can you tell me how much it raises temp. In your grow tent. Sounds like you are in warm climate as well.

I’ve got the Viparspectra PRO2500…Ran it for 2 years now;Constantly…At full power 250W, the driver is hot to the touch…But not screaming hot,just hot…This is my first led light…HAPPY GROWS

Thanks! Can I ask how much did it raise the temps in tent if any. I understand that heat is normal. I live 8n Arizona and the summers are hot.

Gday mate, with my temps I get about 3-5 degrees Celsius raise from lights out to lights on but my room I have the tent in is very stable in temperature and sits around 20-24 in a hot summer day but I run my lights at night and I float around 48-55% humidity in the summer bit more in the room if it’s raining
Over winter we had a lot of rain an cold one this year and my humidity was 60-70 % so I put a nice de humidifier in the room the tent was in to help keep it down

Hope that helps mate

Happy growing


The temps outside of my house are getting into the 40•c in summer and 16+hrs light but I got the room nice an chilled got air con and good insulation so the tent is in a happy environment for whatever the elements or time of the year

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Thanks again this has been very helpful. I’m assuming you have central air conditioner or is it a single air conditioner in just that room you have the tent in.

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I started out with the Viperspectra P2500, I had several very productive grows and decided to purchase the Viperspectra KS5000 in my 4x4, I have nothing but great experiences with Viperspectra, I hope that this helps!

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Thank you! Yes, it sure helps.

Yeah mate got a split system ac in most rooms in my house

I just wanted chime in and let everyone who responded a great big thanks! I went with the Viparspectra XS2000 and glad I Did. Does not phase my tent with any heat

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My first time with a auto and I am using my rd1000 for 1 auto and it’s flowering at 70 cm and week 7 from breaking promixx. Hit her wit a 850 feed todày ro was 100 less soooo I’ll assume it’s ok

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Kiss method works greattttt

Looks good to me brother, keep us updated.

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Final results of that critical


That was the first time my second harvest was awesome

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