Viparspectra P2000

I have a P2000 and a 3x3 tent. I am about to flip and my light is at 18 inches from the tallest plant. I do have a fan blowing pretty hard with temps around 77 and RH 55. I just put a fan venting carbon filter out in as well. The pamphlet says veg 22 - 26" and flower 18-22". I am curious how close the light can be and factors for adjusting? I am about to be gone for a week when I start to flower. Thinking I should move them up a bit for the stretch but, not sure how much?

One week …they are not going to grow that much…Usually when we go to flower, we turn our lights up to 100%…DON’T, until you come back. If you flip, are at 18-22" around 60-70%…you will be good. You can lower it to 50%, and after you return, the pistils should be forming…increase the intensity by 10% a day / 2 days…watch, increase again…until you hit 100%…Raise the light to keep 12-18 inches space from tips to light

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Oh gee… I have been 100% for around a few weeks now. The book says 100% for both veg and flower at those heights. Should I just turn them down while gone or raise like 4" ?

If you are going to flip, just turn them down…drop 25-30%…you will know in a couple to 3 days what the impact is…then you can flip and leave…I would not raise or lower my lights, that is why we have controllers / dimmers. You move the lights when the plants grow too tall…


Ok Back and they have been in 12/12 since the 13th. They did stretch a few inches and look fantastic! At 100% with a few pistols showing.