Upgrading Lights for 5x5 kit suggestions, please?

I recently purchased a 5x5 grow kit from TheBudGrower.com.
I have 6 plants growing fairly well, so far. (this is my first grow)
it came with two 650 watt LED’s but i’d like to upgrade.
I would like to stay around the $400 range.
so far I like the Spider Farmer SF4000 and Mars Hydro TS3000

Any other suggestions would be helpful, thanks

I have a se5000 and it runs fairly hot but I’m happy with it. I also have a couple sf1000 wich is basically 1/2 of the sf4000 and I’m happy with those as well. I’ve ran 2 in a 2.5x2.5 tent with pretty good success. They as well or maybe more so ran hot. Got nice plants from them though. 650 watt LED is plenty? Especially x2. Its possible to pull 3 pounds per light with good 680 watt LEDS(LUXX) Are you sure they’re 600 watts? Maybe Japanese math??Are you just not happy with the spectrum or? I know alot of folks swear by Mars Hydro and thier prices are always good. O and welcome to the forum! Happy growing

I broke down and decided on the SF 4000.
yea, i think the two 650 watt lights aren’t exactly 650 as they claim

this is what it says on the boxes.
the SF4000 hopefully will help!

Thanks for your help

Best of luck to you! I think you’ll be pleased

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Good luck to you. I was in the same boat and since I already had 1 HLG 350r I decided to get another HLG 350r in my new grow in my 5x5 so I now currently have 2 HLG 350r’s.

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this is my Strawberry cough, she looks full of happiness!


I have the next light pro. It produces little heat. No fans and has been a life saver . Great light 750.00 plus controller 150.00. It’s expensive. Buy as big as you and your grow space will allow.

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I’ve got the Kingled 1500. It’s perfect for my 48x48. Really good with low heat. The girls seem to love it

nice, i’d love to see the results.

ouch, a bit expensive but you get what you pay for!
would like to see the harvest. :smiley:

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Hey that looks nice… I am running 2 SE5000 in one tent but wanted to do something different in the 4x4… Going with California Lightworks (2) solar system 550s with controller.

Total max output is 800 watts with 2… they claim it will replace 1200 watt hps. But at barely over 3amps each at max power they do run super efficient and “fairly cool” but you can hang them super high up. I have mine all the way up.

With the controller you can do auto sunrise and sunset and adjust the intensity and spectrum throughout the day so it pretty cool once you get it set up. I have some UVB lights for it also but they’re in my flower tent.

As far as real world light intensity and coverage, it seems to be as advertised. Here are some “unscientific” readings I took with lights max power.

12 inches below lights in trans lighting

30" below lights (at the top of canopy of my last two odd ball plants in need a place to finish)

30" below lights all the way over in left corner

48" below canopy level where the seedlings are. (a little shade from the two odd balls)
Obviously with just seedlings in there you could just run one and adjust accordingly but you can see you could run 100% without a controller.

This 3BOGxToof Decay has about 2 weeks left and will see how she finishes under these lights just running full spectrum. Not giving UVB as the seedlings are in the tent.

FYI… The light meter used Im not sure how good it is… But ive been using it over a year now and seems to be good for less than $200… Think I paid about 150. But for a meter that is not 500 bucks it does seem good quality.

SF I think is one of the best economy brand LEDS. I have several of them and they have performed very well… I have in my inventory that I need to get rid of lol… 2 SF1000, 2 SF2000 and they are excellent for small tents. Im currently running two SE5000s and also have an SE3000 as well but will eventually upgrade them all. FWIW, I also have the ACI ION board 450w and it is great also but the SFs run much cooler.


I don’t know, I just kinda go by what the manufacturer says for the lights. I just leave mine on veg and bloom and adjust the girls. They seem to love it. No matter how far I have it though they are getting at least 1000ppf up to around 5000-6000 moving the light. I thought it was too much at first but they seem to handle it.

knock wood, i like them for my first run in soil, i’m still trimming and jarring my last 2 plants.
for my second run with this light i’m going to try my hand at hydroponics.
i’m excited!

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Nice… Im still messing around with some programming for mine but all the late flowering ones I put under it are looking nice and densing out nice with resin.

3Bears OG x Toof Decay at 69 days from seed.

Mango Smile at 53 days from seed - turning into a grease ball and loud terps

Mango smile

Just trying to get these finished up as I have 3 pairs of seedlings going now - Banana Daddy, Mephisto’s wedding, and forgotten cookies but as soon as those get into stretch im prepping my earth boxes now for my next run… Pineapple Runts and Mangos n’ Chem or Creme de la cosmos.

Definitely stoked about the pineapple runtz run coming up.


those are looking good!

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