Upgrading Lights for 5x5 kit suggestions, please?

I recently purchased a 5x5 grow kit from TheBudGrower.com.
I have 6 plants growing fairly well, so far. (this is my first grow)
it came with two 650 watt LED’s but i’d like to upgrade.
I would like to stay around the $400 range.
so far I like the Spider Farmer SF4000 and Mars Hydro TS3000

Any other suggestions would be helpful, thanks

I have a se5000 and it runs fairly hot but I’m happy with it. I also have a couple sf1000 wich is basically 1/2 of the sf4000 and I’m happy with those as well. I’ve ran 2 in a 2.5x2.5 tent with pretty good success. They as well or maybe more so ran hot. Got nice plants from them though. 650 watt LED is plenty? Especially x2. Its possible to pull 3 pounds per light with good 680 watt LEDS(LUXX) Are you sure they’re 600 watts? Maybe Japanese math??Are you just not happy with the spectrum or? I know alot of folks swear by Mars Hydro and thier prices are always good. O and welcome to the forum! Happy growing

I broke down and decided on the SF 4000.
yea, i think the two 650 watt lights aren’t exactly 650 as they claim

this is what it says on the boxes.
the SF4000 hopefully will help!

Thanks for your help

Best of luck to you! I think you’ll be pleased

Good luck to you. I was in the same boat and since I already had 1 HLG 350r I decided to get another HLG 350r in my new grow in my 5x5 so I now currently have 2 HLG 350r’s.

this is my Strawberry cough, she looks full of happiness!