Unknown pest killing plant

I have a new grow of what was 6 Skunk#1 regular plants and one Chocolate Heaven female. They are 3 or so weeks in and all was good. I look one morning and a skunk plant in the back was knocked over. At 1st it looked as if it was to stretched out so I put support up for it . There was a couple of leaves gone but I thought they got damp on the soil and came off. The next day the plant next to it was munched on and only had a fan leaf and stem, so ok I thought the cat was snacking on them. I put up green fencing around them yesterday to keep the cat out. This morning the one leaf plant was gone. so now I know it must be mice. I place a 5 gallon bucket trap near the grow and a few traps around the grow… This year mice ruined my vegetable garden eating bean plants and tomatoes. They make nests in the car that is a daily driver, I had to put moth balls in the car. Oh and yes I put a plastic bag with moth balls in the pot of the back plant. I will put the cat in the basement to kill what he can.
Any other ideas?

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