Trim during & after cure?

Has anyone ever cured bud with trim still on?

I prefer to dry trim, but it’s just so much in one shot. I’m thinking of trimming over the course of the cure, basically every time I burp the jars I’ll trim a bit.

Any thoughts on this method?

What ever works for you I say. I did little trimming and basically knocked the sugar leaves off as I used the flower. Sometimes i just ground it all together. Was not harsh smoke and I am all about that and not the prettiness of the bud after cure. I also hate to waste it :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Some of us base it on the genetics and density. Some strains mold easier than others so if that is the case, we trim first to allow more air at the buds. If we have a abnormally dry drying area, and the buds are not too dense, I leave the leaves on. I cure in a 60°F environment with 5v fans pulling air, not blowing on the buds. It takes me 10-14 days to dry and mold can develop pretty easy in that timeframe so strain and resistance to mold is important

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I trim the larger water leaves wet. The smaller ones closer to the bud and the sugar leaves I leave on throughout the drying process. They tend to fold up around the bud and protect it. I believe the bud can still get some nutes from them in the drying phase, then trim them off dried. If the sugar leaves don’t harsh the smoke, I leave them on. If they smoke harsh, I trim them before rolling and save them to cook with.

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For a controlled dry (temp 65 and humidity 60) I remove all fan leaves and wet trim the sugar leaves back leaving a little stick out. Run one fan pointed to an open area. (you’ll have a lot less trim for eds though)

If I don’t have a tent to dry in I leave everything but bigger fan leaves on and try to keep humidity at 40-45% and temps around 70.

I think I prefer some wet and some dry… And don’t notice any difference in the smoke as long as you don’t let them dry out too fast.

Both methods will take about 10 days to dry.

If possible I always chop and hang the tree in one piece.