Trash can water starting to smell

thanks for looking, i have a 32 gallon can full of water. well i just dumped half of it. it was stinking and getting green. I have 5 auto’s going in 5 gallon pots. So that is an idea of my watering output at this time, I have had the can full for 3-4 weeks now (tired of using milk jugs) . I have a 6 inch air stone in the bottom yet still getting funky.

Any thing else I can do to keep it from funking up?:

Thanks, Dono


Instead of airstone, pump. You gotta move it move it


@GixxGrows sounds like you need a bigger air pump for your stone. A 50 gallon pump should do.

@Mrb53004 has a good option too of adding a recirculating water pump.

With algae though even if there’s an air stone or a recirculating pump algae can still build up. You should clean everything thoroughly and when you replace the water in your reservoir make sure you filter it first to remove any algae that might be in it and make sure you have a top on to keep it covered to keep algae from getting in it again.

Another option is to add some organic algaecide to your reservoir. They make some specifically for cannabis growing and Hydroponics. I wouldn’t use one of the pool ones.

If that’s out of your budget some apple cider vinegar will work and also give you a slight nutrient boost but be careful using it as it can decrease ph. Just no more than one tbsp per gallon of water. I use about 2 tsp per gallon myself and it’s enough to work as a fungicide, algaecide, antimicrobial, and as a micro nutrient booster.

Another cheap and effective preventative is to throw a few pre 1982 pennies in there or a piece of copper pipe. Copper is a natural algaecide and it won’t hurt plants since it’s also a beneficial micro nutrient.


i will try some antimicrobial additions. The stone and air pump are for 60 gallon i have a 32 gallon can. i may just not fill it up so much this time. Cleaned it out yesterday.

Also i have 6 more seedling which will soo take up more water.

Thanks. Dono

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If that water got green, you have to disinfect the pail or it will come back. Use the copper trick recommended by MDBud, it helps but that tank needs to be sterilized and covered. I have added mesh bags of activated charcoal to my previous tanks and ran the circulating water over the bags. I would take them out every other week and let them sit in the sun to re energize / re-activate the charcoal. It worked wonders at keeping my tanks clean

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@Mrb53004 Like the song " i like to move it move it" lmao :rofl: i couldn’t help myself