Transplant time!

Finally managed to find a seed place in Canada last month. I bought 5 Bruce Banner autos, 5 Dutch Treat photos and got 3 free 9-Pound Hammer photos. Germinated 2 BB’s and one each of the others. Bought one of those domes with a T5 light and a heating pad. Managed to parboil 1 BB seed and the Dutch Treat seed so had to start those over. That was last month.

Today, the 2 that I didn’t kill are ready to plant into 1 gallon containers. I did start them in jiffy pods and moved them to little pots once the roots poked out a couple of weeks ago. I prep my soil with some Voodoo Juice and a half dose of Advanced Nutrients Grow, Micro, and Bloom, mix it all up damp, then plant pots as a root mold.

Below is the root ball on the Bruce Banner

And the 9 Pound Hammer’s root ball

And into their new homes they go! Nice and gentle!

In a couple of hours, the big light goes click and it’s ON!

And here are the parboiled replacements, about 2 weeks behind. These also had problems germinating, but they came thru! I no longer use the heating pad. Next time, I would elevate the whole plastic tray and dome off of the pad with a 1" spacer. Then it won’t cook the jiffy pods.


I just got the last of mine transplanted into their permanent homes. 10 of the 14 plants are autos and 4 photos. I just topped a few and Fim a few, I don’t remember if it was you commenting on my post about the double headed plant I have but I did top one side and Fim the other. The plants that are a bit different in how they are growing are AK-47 autos. One has the two tops and the others leaves appear to be in sets of 3 as they come in. Definitely first time I seen that as well.

Your plants are looking good. I just today put some sand on top of the soil, I have a bit of gnats in the tent and I read that sand on top keeps they from going in the dirt, we will see. I hope the sand doesn’t change the soil with like adding salt as I water type of thing.


Yeah @jjress it was me that suggested a fim and a top to the two-headed girl. Am very interested in seeing how that turns out!
I had a plant in the early 90’s that came with sets of 3 instead of 2 leaves/nodes. I was a photo (no autos back then! Or feminized seeds). I was lucky enough she was a female and took clones off her (3 survived). She yielded buds that were like pinecones, big and dense. No idea of the strain other than indica. Very nice from what I remember…which may not be much! lol

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That some going on in there :). I have a few in flower, and just started six seedlings, plus a couple autos and am going crazy trying to take care of them. Looking good… Happy Growing.

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Well, the replacement BB was too stuck on herself and she died. I WAS getting ready to transplant the Dutch Treat and life took a left turn on me and ended up in hospital for 6 nights. Got the wife to mist her and water the 2 girls above once. I came home to this…

So yesterday I had to transplant her. Same technique as before, plant a mold and slide her in!

Root ball of my Dutch Treat looks healthy!

She’s a bit of an ugly girl, but with only 3 girls at this dance, I’ll still take her home!

My Nine Pound Hammer is doing well. @Darodguy I’m going to call her Nina. You need a 9lb hammer to hit Nine Inch Nails, right? Lol! Ya, that’s old water burn on the lower sets, altho you can’t really see it in this pic. My bad from couple of weeks ago, I guess!

Once she grows up a bit more, I will top her and drop the cutting in water, trim the leaves, and put it the windowsill for a week and see if she roots. I don’t want to start another seed to get my 4 plant quota.

And my Bruce Banner Auto is doing well, I’ll start training her when energy levels and ability return, don’t want to rush anything for either of us at this point in life! Probably same time as I top Nina.

Feels good to be back in the saddle again! humming Aerosmith now. Hmmmm, maybe I’ll call my Dutch Treat Stevie! She’s ugly like Steven Tyler, hope she grows up like Stevie Nicks!

@GrnyGrows just tagging you to show that ya, things can go wrong, but don’t panic! Time cures lots of things, give nature a chance. No drastic actions taken on my part yet. Next week I’ll probably foliar spray with ammonia (1st time I’ll have done that, learned that from @Mrb53004).

Happy growing all!

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@spudgunner Nice! Glad to see you back in the game. I’m interested in seeing who hits harder: Nina or Stevie. :laughing:

Thanks, I am too! They will definitely have cuttings taken from them as time progresses.
The third girl will remain unnamed. She’s an Auto, I’m just using her for her buds! I don’t know if I will be strong enough to set up my self-watering floating wick bag for her, she was going to be my test for that.

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So just before lights out at noon, went in with a big teaspoon of ammonia to about 17 oz water and gave them all a little misting. Let them sleep and when lights on at 6pm will give them some food as well. Stevie will get a shot of the Voodoo Juice mix for the last time and Nina and the BB will move on to week 2. Altho none of them have had any B52 yet, that was supposed to happen March 31, never did. They are looking healthy, tho!

Just before lights out, temp was 76 and rh 33%. Pics to follow.

Figured I’d better take some more pics before the lights go out in 2 hours.
Here is my Bruce Banner auto.

Did some LST on her the other day. Plan is to transplant her tonight just after lights on. Gives me 8 or 9 hours to get my shit together and get lava rocks in the bottom of her new home and moisten up some ProMix so I can take a mold of her current home, then pop her in it and tie her back up!

I will also prep a mold for Nina, my 9-Lb Hammer. If I get really ambitious I will top her and hope to clone that top. She’s looking healthy!

And little Stevie, my ugly Dutch Treat girl, is looking prettier all the time!

Gave all 3 of them 2 sprays with Ammonia a couple of nights apart the other day, responded well! She’s only about 4" tall right now. Will probably prep her new home but keep her in her current pot, just plant that in her new home.

Why do it that way? My energy levels still suck right now, so if I’m gonna do things like that, gotta do it to all 3 while I can! And it will raise her up in the tent to keep the lights at right height. I want her to get a little rootbound before I transplant, maybe 2 more weeks. At least then all the heavy work and bending/lifting will be done and it will only take 5 minutes to complete that task. And I’m a firm believer that making a perfect mold for them preserves the roots and prevents most transplant shock many experience. I’ve done this for years with tomatoes, regular houseplants, even did it to some little live Christmas trees the other day! Nothing around the ball crumbles away, it’s like they went to sleep in a single bed and wake up in a king-size!

Today is a good day for this, wife wants me to transplant some pansies my daughter planted in those little grow pods under LED, so get all this dirty work done and strike that off the Honey Do list!

Well, never got around to transplanting them 2 days ago like planned, but I did manage to clean up my old buckets (sized 10" diameter and 12" deep). Put couple inches of lava rocks in the bottom and filled with pre-moistened ProMix.

Yesterday I DID manage to transplant, just before lights out at noon. Bunch of pics!

This is the Bruce Banner auto which I LST’d the other day, responding well.

Here are her roots, looking healthy! Ready to drop into her molded new home!

Next we have Nina, my 9-lb Hammer

And her roots.

And Stevie, my Dutch Treat! She’s greened up after a couple of ammonia sprays at lights out.

Can’t wait for her to take off!

Ok, here’s where I DID screw up…I wasn’t going to transplant her, I was only to bury her little pot in her new home so most of the transplant work would be done. I wanted to put her in there so she would be the same height as the others in their bigger pots. Oops, got carried away! So here’s Stevie’s roots, not as bound as I wanted them to be.

And here they are, all 3 in their final pots under 18/6 both Veg and Bloom switches on.

Lights out at noon yesterday. Lights on at 6pm last nite, figured I better top Nina. I had prepped a jiffy pod in some water after lunch, put it in my dome with heat pad on to get the temps up instead of being really cold, got my rooting powder and SNIP! This is Nina after getting topped about 14 hours ago. No signs of damage or stress!

Here is the BB auto, tied her up a bit more after transplant. She is definitely in flower mode! Over the next few I will probably do some more LST, just to bend some of the branches into the light more, out from under some of her big fan leaves.

Stevie from the top view…

…and from the side.

Nina this morning showing no ill-effects or stress from transplant and topping 10 hours apart!

And so far so good on little Nina’s cutting! About 15 hours after being cut and under a T5 light since (unplugged heat pad so I don’t cook her!). No wilting, pod is still moist. Did give her a spray with some weak ammonia water last nite as per @Mrb53004 (I think it was this Mike!) posted somewhere he does with his clones to give them extra nitrogen for root development.

Looking good so far!

So this is my second indoor grow, and my first from seed. And 1 is an autoflower. These are 2 things I wouldn’t have tried without all the knowledge I’ve gained thru this forum. Last crop was the first time I tried Kushman Chiropractic. This time I’m trying LST on an auto! I NEVER would have been so experimentative without you guys…showing what you do, explaining things so well, and pictures to prove your techniques. So THANK YOU all who make this such a great learning site!

Wow, it’s been 9 days since I last posted pics…my bad but just can’t really move pots around now that they are heavy!
Anyways, here’s the Bruce Banner auto. Did some LST on her and pinched off the lower bud sites that I didn’t think would produce much. She took it in stride, no signs of stress over replanting, LST’ing or pruning.

Nina looks good too, tied her up the other day and adjust the ties as needed.

In a few days I will thin out some of the lower branches and make some clones from her.

And Stevie! She is a short little bush. Very little spacing between the branches. I do need to top her soon, when I get around to doing Nina I might try and clone her top.

The little clone I took from Nina’s top is still hanging in. Had an accident one morning last week with her when I went to drain some water out of the little dish she was sitting in. Stoopid me, never mess with plants before first cup of coffee! Ended up pouring the water out, not holding onto her, and phlop, upside down on her head! Still hanging in there, just looks a little wilted, so hoping the roots are developing. Was pretty depressing at the time, and I’m already depressed, so not a happy week for me.

Been a while since I’ve posted any pics, so here goes! These are from May 10th…

This is Nina, almost 3 months since she popped.

And Stevie! She grew up into the swan I was hoping she would!

And my Bruce Banner auto! The nameless one who I won’t respect when she’s done, lol!

Nina’s top which is still trying to root…

And Stevie’s top which is doing better than Nina’s!

On the left are cuttings of Nina, right jar are Stevie’s cuttings. And Nina’s top under the T5 light. (Note: Since put Stevie’s top under this light again, too young for the tent yet, they didn’t like the brite lites). Trimmed the leaves back, dropped in a jar of water with a bit of their nute-water. They will root soon and be an outside grow, somewhere in the hills!