To harvest or not?

Extreme girl scout cookies auto. Day 84 should I harvest or wait and if wait how much longer would you go.
Im thinking about going ahead and hitting 48hrs off darkness then harvest.


Hey fellow gromie! Looking good. Harvest time can definitely be tricky as we all want the most out of our plants. Your best bet, and will do the job moving forward is to get a small scope or jewelers lope. They are SUPER cheap, and can get them from Amazon same day.
I mean u can even use ur phone for a estimate if it’s got a good camera. But what your looking for in general, I use this loosely bc some ppl go for different ends of “harvest spectrum” so to an extent it’s a preference to many. Long short cut off a small piece of sugar leaf at top (once u have a scope of course!) and examine the trichomes. Your looking for bulbous mushroom looking heads that are all cloudy as well as a decent amount of amber trichomes.
For eg if you want more of a “heady lean” you would harvest on early side where just all cloudy trichs, but little to no amber. And if you were to do the opposite and wait till mostly all amber trichs more heavy “body lean”. Hence one reason why breeders give you a range n harvest time. Hope this helps!:+1::v::green_heart::mage:‍♂


Let the trichomes tell you when it’s ready


Oh man I needed that thank you guys so much. #growon

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Let the drying begin. Thank you everyone.