Timer Problem Lights went out

Hey so my timer went out and started turning the lights off … I was out of town for a week and my mom checked on them and said the lights were off when they were suppose to be on. They got a few hours of light before and this must have happened 2 or 3 days in a row.

I noticed one of the plants hormones changed and some branches have the beginning of starting to flower.

I had them on a 19/5 and now after a few days of interruptions Im going to have them on 24 hours light for 3 days before putting them back on the 19/5

Things should go smoothly right? I know people do supercrops and revert back but I was wondering if theres anything I should be aware of.

I was planning to flip to flower April 1st or possibly stretching till 420 to flip.

Thanks for any input. Cheers!

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@Sk8nGrow they should reveg fine. The only issue I’ve ever had with power outages for days at a time, timer issues, or lights blowing out is maybe a herm during flower. Out of all the grows I had lighting issues with though I’ve only had two herms in about 10 years.

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Right on thats what I assume. Only problem is Im not sure what REALLY happened with the lights haha… I suppose they should be good now though! Hopefully nothing wrong from here out!

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@Sk8nGrow hahaha yeah… it always sucks when you don’t know what went wrong. One time I swore my timers kept going out because I’d walk in and my lights would be out and the digital timer would be dead. I kept racking my brain trying to figure it out and I swear I went through about 5 different timers before I finally realized that I had everything set up on the wrong circuit. The one I set it up on was on a timer to run the garden lights and irrigation so when that timer shut off and closed the circuit my lights would go out and the internal batteries in the timers would die since I kept getting those cheap ones that only last a few hours without power.

Got everything set up on the right circuit now though that’s for sure. :joy:


Usely when start having problems from timer it about to go out i had one keep doing same thing it would work fine and then it stop it finely went out

Yeah it was going out slowly so itd work for a few days at a time… Got a new one now so hopefully it lasts thru the rest of the time now.

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Man. So I get a new timer but the breaker switch kept flipping this last week. Plants sent into flower Im now analyzing… So theyve been on 24 hours lights for 3 days after a day of 18 hours darkness, possibly longer. I can see signs of flower in two of the five plants. Not far at all, and It also seems stretched from the days of 24 hours.

Question is this:

Should I just send them to flower now? Or wait since they are reverting back it looks like already… And has any had experience reverting back after say a week of flower? Does it affect quality of nugs?

Im scared to see a ugly stretch in branches but maybe this is a good thing… Dont want to lose potency or have larfy buds after all this work training them!

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@Sk8nGrow through all of my experiments with light deprivation stress testing I have found that many strains that don’t die after 48 to 72 hours or darkness that begin to flower can be revegged healthy. As long as you complete the reveg before flowering again it will not negatively affect yield or potency. If it’s a constant back and forth and you finally decide to just flower it can affect yield, but if you prune the underbrush and prep it like you normally would before going to flower a lot of times it will recover and yield as normal if all the larfy stuff is removed within the first week or two of flower.

Awesome to hear your POV. After settling down and watering the ladies I realized they only flowered for a few days and the stretch shouldnt be too dramatic at all. I was reading mainly on full nug plants going to veg I believe and thats what was saying would effect the yield.

Happy to decide to wait. I should get some photos onto here:

You need to get a timer if its not enough with little over watts that you are useing it will tell you on the back of the timer im useing a 1875watts on mine if yours is not enough it won’t kick out til it gets hot

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