Time to harvest

First time ever for harvesting. Ive been reading a few different things that have me a little confused on when to actually start cutting. Here are my plants right now. What do you all think? Any tips?

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Hi @ here is the chart most people use…you need to get a magnifier loop or something to go at least x60 magnification to see properly the trichome.

if you don’t use the trichs as your judgement then look at the white hairs for about 95% brown but that is just a ball park way of making the call to harvest.
Use the chart for best results of what you are looking for. Plants look good BTW


Going to buy a magnifier today.
However with looking at the pictures i posted do you feel that’s 95% brown hairs?

I see quite a bit of white so I would say no…

That’s what i was thinking. Maybe another week?

I like your name, have you ever kept an Arowana?

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Yes lol that’s where i got the name from i currently have 2 silver arowana in a 10ft by 6 ft pool in my basement i call it my other hobby :joy:

CurrDogg420 thank you ive had all kinds of problems figuring out how to upload pictures. Hopefully no creeps on here i promise I’m a broke stoned mf

Looking at your pics I would say another week or 2 at least. Go by the chart posted. Trichomes are the best way to determine that. I like mine to be all milky with 10-20% amber. If you want more couch lock more amber. After 30% potency seems to lessen some

Buy a jewlers loupe, you chop by your trichome not your pistils, i like a nice body high so when my trichome is 15 to 20% amber i know i will be choping in 7 to 10 days, at this point i flush out plants with cold not ice but cold tapwater this will help your pistils turn and will not hurt plants, if in next 7 to 10 days they need water give them cold water for above mentioned reason, then i chop, trim and hang branches upside down for a few days in climate control room, once flower feels a bit hard to the touch but is still wet on inside i put flower in cool whip containers at first i open them up maybee 3 or 4 times a day to release that hay smell as time goes by i open less and less till hay smell is gone, at this point i put flower in mason jars with a humidity chip and maybee open once a week to realise any left over cloraform, the longer you cure your flower the better it will be, this works great for me, i have never had anyone tell me my bud is to dry or tastes like hay, allso save your trim and popcorn bud and cure it, you can make great canna butter for cookies or brownies, everyone does this differently but have found this method works best for me/ other people cure different and that great! See pics

nice hard red flower that smells amazing and not once has anyone disparaged my weed or said it’s to dry bc of chip or tastes like hay or cut grass.


I’m getting close I think to harvest what do y’all think?

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I bet you have at least another 3-4 weeks. You would have something if you cut. But you will have a lot more if you wait it out. They aren’t overgrown buds or fox tailing at all.

Unless you have moldy buds or a real heavy frost coming your way let those girls ride it out more. Defoliate and remove all the lower sucker branches if you see any powdery mildew.

Looking good there.


Thank you :blush: I live in Florida so I can wait hope your doing amazing thank u so much

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What about mine? I can’t wait my first time I don’t know how to send pictures image


The first thing you’re looking at is those stigma hairs. While they’re white and sticking straight out like that, your buds are still growing in size. Once about 1/2 of them have turned orange and shriveled back, it’s getting close and I start looking at the ripeness of the trichomes with a jewelers loupe (see previous chart)


Trichomes are always the best and definitive test. I think this is what’s happening. I have seen ripe trichomes on early top flowers. But those flowers haven’t even filled out. So technically looking close to ripe, but the main event is still to come. If you are in Florida then you may go like 4-5 more weeks then.

Like don’t cut the tomato plant down after the first ripe tomato. You will have one sandwich but not enough for the spaghetti sauce and salad. Make sense?

I think my previous post I got caught up in my brain tangent of mother nature often doesn’t let us go to perfectly ripe trichomes. She very frequently changes our timeline if you’re not in a warmer winter area. Frost and rain. Some is better than none.

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