Thinking about upgrading my light from a 150w to 250w

I have a mars hydro hydro ts600 and was thinking of upgrading to a TMLAPY 250w; has anybody used this light? And if so is it good for a 4x2. Any help is appreciated

Unless I had an independent review with the breakdown of output, I would be skittish. Lights are the motors of growth. Choose the wrong one, may as well try growing rice in the arctic.

not really a worthwhile investment except for maybe sprouting or germination only. For a tent your size, you need to step it up. I would not go less than a mars 1500 or even 2000. A viperspectra 1500 is considerable as a great addition. One of the problems is also the height of the tent. If you hang a light, there is not much headroom for growth and unless you are growing auto’s, it makes it hard for them to attain any worthhile growth

In a 2x4 if you’re using board lights I would keep the 150w and add to it… I original started out with an sf2000 in my tents and added the sf1000 to them. Just something my plants love about the spider farmer spectrum. I now have 4 lights (more powerful wattage that are collecting dust). The only problem is they’re a little expensive but the are more energy efficient. I think you’ll pay more for SF but you’ll save money over the Mars over time in electric and imo opinion just better. Cheap lights have cheap components that have boards that are fakes. Just spend a few more bucks and get a decent energy efficient light. Plus the heat factor in the tent. Im guessing that light gets hot af.

72-80" height in a tent is plenty to grow phenos with some training and trellis netting.

Plus you’ll get the cross lighting with multiple lights.