They look kinda funny and not happy

Not sure what’s causing this with my leaves a friend says it’s something toxic in the grow medium but I’ve never put anything into my soil other then nutrients and water and I follow the directions on the bottles , but if I can identify what the cause is I can correct it and it also seems to be affecting one strain more then the rest I’ve included 2 different strains in these pics the first strain Zkittlez and the last two pictures are Tropicana Cookies I don’t know how much that will matter but just in case it does

You can see how in the first couple pictures they look funny to me and it also looks like the leaves are tacoing I guess is what I would call it
They are in a Coco Coir perlite medium I’m using the advanced nutrients line and I follow the directions on the containers except when I first started or add a new nutrient I cut the amount in half and the base I quartered the first feeding and added more each feeding , they are in a 10x5 tent there 2 450 watt lights one 400 watt and 2 100 watt lights they are all led two 12 inch oscillating fans at each end and the fresh air intake is 6 inch with carbon filter the exhaust is identical and the room the tent is in the windows are blacked out and it has a window AC unit always on pulling fresh air in the room and the exhaust is sent outside ,sorry I’m just trying to think of anything that you may need oh are in 3 gallon fabric pots they get fed 1 to 2 liters around every other day roughly sometimes every 2 days depending on how light the pot feels and thank you in advance for any help you can give me


@JimiG1974 only things missing are humidity, room temperature, ph, and soil temp.

I can tell just by looking at them though it’s nothing toxic. They’re micro deficient and need some extra potassium. Specifically copper and magnesium it looks like on the micros but if you increased the feed they’ll bounce back fast because advanced nutrients have a good amount of micros.

Magnesium/copper deficiency together with potassium deficiency will give you exactly what you see in the first few pictures. Purple stems and leaf veins (stems can be normal depending on genetics but not the leaf veins), a weird bluish/purple hue to the leaves, white leaf tip burn, and scorching around the edges of the leaves with “tacoing” or “canoeing.”

I’d lower the light intensity too until they bounce back because mag and potassium directly affect photosynthesis so it will make the plants more sensitive to light stress which will stunt them easier and make them taco up even if your intensity is in range for environment.

Also, with coco hydro you should be watering and feeding at least once a day so it doesn’t dry out and cause issues. Coco dries out and salts up fast so you have to constantly keep the root zone moist and keep flushing the salts out for optimal growth. Hard to over water coco too because it maintains 30% oxygen even when wet. Just as long as it isn’t soaking wet 24/7 you’ll be good.

Maybe give it some silica too to help boost circulation to boost recovery. I don’t recall if advanced nutrients has silica in their micros or if it’s bottled separate.


Here is a few more pictures you can see all of what’s going on with them

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@JimiG1974 yeah It still looks like what I thought it was. The interveinal chlorosis is from cal/mag deficiency and some of it is turning into necrosis. The purple stems and leaf veins definitely magnesium deficiency. The scorched spots and burned tips are potassium/copper and the strange blueish purple hue is from copper deficiency.

It’s either under feeding or a pH issue.


@JimiG1974 looks like you do have some UV burn on some of the stems too. Are you using any uvb or uva? What are the brands and models of your lights?

@MDBuds This is not the exact feeding schedule I use but all the nutes I use are in these pictures I use the Cal/Mag , Ancient Earth, Nirvana thru veg also but

This is somewhat close to how and what I feed ok the lights 1 Viparspectra p4000 , 2 Viparspectra XS 1000 and 2 Sonlipo SPC 4500 my temperature in tent ranges from 68 to 78 it’s cooler in the room then in tent and the lights are also on a 24 hour light schedule the person that helped me get started told me to use the 24hr light schedule I’ve been wanting to change it to 18/6 or a 20/4 schedule I just haven’t set up the timers yet I might switch that tonight though I don’t know the soil temp or water temp umm RH is around 30

I thought they were maybe getting to many nutrients and I’m always worried about over watering so I really try to let them dry good between waters maybe I’m waiting to long between feedings

@MDBuds I forgot I’ve been giving them Orca with every feeding too. The Rhino Skin is advances silica (potassium silicate) I believe I’ll have to go check out my bottles again oh and the Big Bud I’m using is still the regular Big Bud when it’s gone I’m be getting the Big Bud Coco that’s what I did with the 2 bases I didn’t know that I was going to use a Coco Coir medium when I started heck I didn’t even know it existed when I started :laughing:

@JimiG1974 alright man. Here’s what you need to do. Start doing a light feed every day and cut your light schedule back to 18/6 or 20/4 because 24/0 stresses the hell out of plants.

You definitely are waiting too long between feedings. Feeding every day will help increase rh too and get your vpd in range which will help your nutrient issues as well. Coco is just a light feeding/watering every day. I personally set up a home made automated watering system for mine because I don’t want to spend the time watering every day. Lol


Like I said I’ve been terrified to over water them last time I used plastic pots and had to water them less so I know it’s hard to say but I’m thinking maybe 1 liter per day then to start I’ve also been thinking about using that Cal/Mag as a foliar spay once a week instead of in the feeding or would you recommend to keep it the way it is or should I do both in the water and as a foliar spay the spray helps the humidity for a couple hours anyway

@MDBuds The flower schedule didn’t post

@JimiG1974 include clamag in your feed but supplement with foliar spray when needed. Like right now a foliar feed would definitely help until you get your feeding schedule going.

I have my coco ladies in 3 gallon pots and I only give them .125 gallons each day. So each plant gets roughly half a liter a day so I go through 2 liters or a half gallon each day between 4 plants. This is just until I get into heavy veg or start flower because then feed/water doubles and I do 1 liter per plant each day but have the timer set to water twice. Once just after lights on and once in the middle of the day.


@MDBuds I’m going to switch my watering schedule to that and see what that does for them thanks do much for taking the time to help me out

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@JimiG1974 try to keep your ec around 1.2-1.3 as well until you go in to flower. Roughly 600-650 ppm. It should help.

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Wow that was very informative. Thanks Jimi G for sharing your grow and thanks MDBuds for your excellent diagnosis and explanations of each obviously interconnected issue. I thought lights too close, but the nutrient deficiencies were very interesting though technically beyond my level of knowledge. I’m learning slowly but surely over the last few years catching threads like this is a treat. Thanks again.


@MDBuds I waned to thank you again it may have taken me a lot longer to figure out why the girls were not happy but with your help I figured it out so again thank you very much I really appreciate you taking the time to help

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@MDBuds just one more question for you I’m just curious how much straight RO is enough for a good flush to help remove the salt build up they are in 3 gallon fabric pots and the medium is Sunshine #4 advanced nothing else mixed in it , I’ve given them straight RO the last 3 waterings at like 1 gallon of water per plant roughly I watered till I have a run off but the ppm run off is still on the high side so I’m wondering if I should do 2 gallons per plant also I bought something made by Fox Farm called Boomerang and it says that it helps to remove the salt mineral build up I have not used it yet and was wondering if I should try it any advice on that would be wonderful

@JimiG1974 I’ve never used flush additives so I can’t really help there. I always flush with either distilled or dechlorinated tap water with a splash of kelp and calmag when I need to. Also, to do a full flush, I run 3 times the pot size of water through the substrate over three days so a 3 gallon pot I would flush for 3 days straight running 3 gallons a day through it and test the run off pH and ppm on the final day. If it’s in range i do a feed in range, if not I flush an extra day.

@MDBuds thank you again , I kinda figured I wasn’t flushing them with enough water so yesterday I did run 3 gallons of RO thru each plant and tested the runoff ppm and ph and that really made the ppm come down quite a bit I figure one more watering like that and they should be good and as far as the boomerang I read the directions and description of what it’s for again it’s not a flushing agent it’s more for after the flush I’m thinking because it’s supposed to help the plants after a salt mineral build up so I’m glad I read it more thoroughly or I would have just added to the problem probably . at first it didn’t make sense to me that me not watering enough would cause a build up but then I thought about it and drew a mental picture of how it works and I can totally see how that would cause that well again thank you for your help have a good day and Hale happy growing

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@JimiG1974 yeah. As the water evaporates it leaves the water soluble salts behind in the substrate that the plants haven’t used yet and it will build up if not rinsed out. The plant can’t use it in that form either so it will just build up until it gets wet again and then suddenly the roots in the built up areas get blasted with nutes that haven’t been washed out and it can cause huge swings in pH along with showing signs of underfeeding because the solution wasn’t kept wet long enough for the plant to use it.

I just looked up that boomerang and it’s similar to what I do organically to treat and prevent shock from flushing or transplant. Kelp, calmag, micros, microbes, and mycos. Lol